In a recent announcement, the Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW has welcomed two new members, Elena Katrakis and Associate Professor Derya Iner, to its ranks.

Their appointments come at a crucial time as the board seeks to enhance its strategic direction and deepen its efforts in investigating and promoting awareness of discrimination issues within the state.

A/Prof Derya Iner, a Muslim community member and a distinguished figure in the field of Islamic studies at Charles Sturt University and Islamic Science and Research Academy (ISRA).

A/Prof Iner made significant contributions to the understanding and combatting of Islamophobia in Australia.

Through her research and development of advanced reporting tools and registration protocols for the Islamophobia Register Australia, A/Prof Iner’s work inspired and guided not only Muslim community but also other marginalised groups in need of documenting and raising awareness about their own experiences of discrimination and vilification.

The Attorney General, Michael Daley, expressed his optimism about the appointments, stating, “To have two such experienced and committed people joining the Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW at this time will add to its depth of knowledge. I welcome their appointments to a statutory body that conducts such important work, essential for our modern, diverse, and multicultural society.”

Helen McKenzie, President of the Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW, also shared her enthusiasm for the new appointments.

“A/Prof Iner is a leading researcher in Islamophobia. Her work in this area has drawn worldwide attention and informed policy and law in Australia,” said Ms McKenzie. “The Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW looks forward to leveraging the expertise and experience of its newest members to further its mission.”