Now that the fasting month of Ramadan is coming to an end, followed by the celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr where Muslims will offer prayers of thanksgiving, feast with family and friends and hopefully continue to benefit from the intensive training of spiritual strength, physical wellbeing and mental peace through the rest of the 11 months till next Ramadan.

The joy of Eid day this year will indeed be subdued as a result of graphic details of the suffering of Palestinians coming out of Gaza undergoing relentless attacks by the Israeli armed forces and the total siege on the enclave depriving people of food, water, fuel and other basic necessities of life for the last six months with no end in sight.

Thanks to social media, almost every member of the two billion-strong Ummah is acutely aware of the plight of their brothers, sisters and children in Gaza brought on in a most cruel manner by the state of Israel, memories that will be etched in their brains, now and amongst the future generations.

Although Muslims have protested on the streets all over the world, supported by other people of conscience, against the genocide of Palestinians, together with condemnations and passing of resolutions by world bodies, the Israeli regime has been recalcitrant in its relentless attacks on innocent people in Gaza and the West Bank.

Muslims have also generously given funds to aid organisations in order to supply the basic necessities of life to people in Gaza, but due to Israel controlling the enclave’s borders, much of this aid fails to reach the suffering people who desperately need it.

It is now clear that protests, resolutions, generous donations to aid organisations and huffing and puffing have hardly made any dent into the power and onslaught of the Israeli military machine against the Palestinians.

Pariah state it may be, but the state of Israel is a law in itself, could not care for any world opinion and does not give a hoot to UN, ICJ, international laws and the opinion of the international community.

Intoxicated by its superiority of power in conventional warfare where all the states in the Middle East combined can neither challenge it nor have the guts to challenge it, Israel continues to get away with murder.

Then, it has its huge nuclear arsenal that can render all countries in the Middle East to the Stone Age by itself and, if needed, with the re-supply and backing of the United States of America.

On the diplomatic front, with its lobbying proxies armed with money and influence in Western capitals manipulating the democratic process,  it successfully manages to mute any effective action in favour of safeguarding the human rights of the Palestinians.

Through intimidation, blackmail, spying, extortion and surveillance, Israel ensures to keep authoritarian regimes in the Middle East in power, who it can easily manipulate keeping at bay people power, that will be against its interests.

Hence at this stage, the 2 billion strong ummah is disempowered, suffering with poverty, wars, man-made disasters, internal suppression and external domination.

This calls for new strategies to be chalked out for its defence against its avowed enemies, political long-term solutions to get its house in order, and collaboration with people of conscience to build a just and peaceful world order for all humanity..