AMUST Logo & Masthead

The Australasian Muslim Times, AMUST logo and masthead are modern interpretation to represent the dynamic relationships and exchanges that are at the core of its Australasian identity.

 The logo is representative of the inclusive but diverse thoughts, voices and opinions expressed in Multicultural Australia.

The overall colour scheme of the AMUST masthead has been designed around the Australian colours of green and gold.

The AMUST logo is comprised of three elements, each one representing an area of identity for the newspaper. The logo is composed of a crescent moon representing the Muslim identity, a boomerang and the stars from the Southern Cross representing past and present Australian identity.

 Boomerang – In solidarity with Aboriginal people, AMUST acknowledges the traditional owners of the land and pays respects to its elders, past and present. In the sense of Multimedia and the sharing of news and views, the boomerang forms a representation of throwing ideas, opinions and news to the community and anticipates the return after having collected responses from the community.

 Southern Cross – The Southern Cross stars representing our land down under, as depicted on the Australian flag representing, the four moral virtues of justice, prudence, temperance and fortitude, principles that Australians should live up to.

 Crescent Moon – The crescent moon symbolises the Muslim Australians, our solidarity with the Muslim world and our neighbours and the news and views presented from an Islamic perspective.

 Shape – The orientation of the three elements creates a shape of unity, togetherness and combined values and principles. The three identities all combine to work together in solidarity and balance respecting each other.

 Colours –The red colour represents the passion the Australasian Muslim Times has in producing quality news and good news sharing in the community. The two tone orange symbolises warmth, optimism, freedom, social communication and two way conversations AMUST has achieved in connecting with its readers. The colour green in the branding represents growth and balance. The Australasian Muslim Times has the goals of continual growth and providing a balance of ideas and opinions, thereby following the middle path away from extremes.