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Islamic teaching on race becoming a universal value

The Yaqeen Institute provides Talk Toolkits on the matter of “Racism within Our Ranks.”

It reports: “According to an ISPU poll, Black Muslims are just as likely to experience racism from their own faith community as Black Americans are from their own faith communities (i.e. other Christians), with both groups more likely to report experiencing racial discrimination from the general public.  [27 February 2019 Yaqeen Institute]

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Post-COVID-19: What next

What has emerged from the chaos of the response to the virus in the UK and the USA is that the shibboleth of the market has been overturned.
The appalling death rates in what have been considered the most highly civilised countries of the West have forced the world to take stock.
The notion that the democracies are composed of free and equal citizens was also shown to be a lie.

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