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Australasian Muslim Times, AMUST is circulated among all Australians but specifically targets the Muslim population of Australia . It has a print run of up to 15,000 copies. It is distributed to a variety of communities, different faith groups and government bodies within Australia as well as overseas.

AMUST is distributed at mosques, events and various business outlets. Advertising in AMUST ensures that your message regarding your good and services reaches multicultural as well as mainstream communities. Since local as well as global events are associated with Islam and Muslims AMUST is increasingly read by all those wanting to be better informed about Islamic viewpoints on current affairs.

Eid ul Fitr/April Advertising

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AMUST Advertising Deadlines

ISSUE MONTH Advertisements DUE Issue Release
January Wed, 3 Jan 24 Fri, 12 Jan 24
February Wed, 31 Jan 24 Fri, 9 Feb 24
March/Ramadan Wed, 28 Feb 24 Fri, 8 Mar 24
April/Eid ul Fitr Wed, 27 Mar 24 Fri, 5 Apr 24
May Wed, 17 Apr 24 Fri, 26 Apr 24
June/Eid ul Adha Wed, 29 May 24 Fri, 7 Jun 24
July Wed, 26 Jun 24 Fri, 5 Jul 24
August Wed, 24 Jul 24 Fri, 2 Aug 24
September Wed, 21 Aug 24 Fri, 30 Aug 24
October Wed, 11 Sep 24 Fri, 20 Sep 24
November Wed, 23 Oct 24 Fri, 1 Nov 24
December Wed, 27 Nov 24 Fri, 6 Dec 24
Jan-25 Wed, 1 Jan 25 Fri, 10 Jan 25