Seena Incorporated

A not for profit community organisation

Aims & Objectives:

  1. Render social services to the community at large.
  1. Develop webmedia skills amongst people with disability, women and people from diverse backgrounds.
  1. Establish multimedia enterprises for the expression of ideas, exchange of information and entertainment.
  1. Provide a forum for ethical learning and teaching.
  1. Exchange skilled and experienced personnel in the field of administration, accounting and technology with other organisations. 


Australasian Muslim Times, AMUST  is an activity of Seena Incorporated, a not for profit community organisation. It produces a community newspaper for all presenting news and views using multimedia technologies in the following formats:

Monthly Newspaper: Monthly full colour print editions published on the first Friday of every month and distributed through newsagents throughout Australia in general and Sydney in particular. It will also be available at Mosques and Islamic centres, business outlets and posted to organisations and subscribers in Australia and overseas. It will also be available for on-line reading on computers as well as via an app on mobile phones and other smart devices.

Frequent Website updates: AMUST website will be frequently updated with latest news together with photos and videos and upcoming community events.

Periodic Email Newsletters: Multimedia emails will be send to subscribers registered with AMUST on a regular basis highlighting latest news and community event.

Social Media: AMUST will have presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ YouTube etc for networking, comments and discussion.
Mass Distribution: AMUST will be distributed in tens of thousands at community Mega-events and festivals such as Multicultural Eid Festival and Fair MEFF by way of strategic alliance.