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The freedom anti-vaxx protests and conspiracy cults

Saturday 20th November saw anti-vaccination, anti-emergency powers demonstrations in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth and Brisbane.
PRGuy tweeted: As many as 10,000 protesters have descended on Melbourne today to protest a range of issues including Satanic Ritual Abuse, medical apartheid, medical experiments, imaginary dictators, hoax pandemics, etc. Signs were predominantly QAnon-themed.
In Brisbane, mining billionaire Clive Palmer, main backer of the UAP and Craig Kelly, said at the rally he’d rather “go out of business” than listen to vaccine advice from Queensland’s premier – who he called “Palachook.” [November 20, 2021 Brisbane Times]

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Muslims as part of the underclass?

Echoing Malthus she says: “Their birth rates far outstrip those of professional couples and they are now a significant potential contributor to our workforce.”

They not only breed like rabbits but they are also mentally deficient: “… their children languish in the growing number of behavioural support classes in general high schools where they learn little.”
They might suffer from mental illness, cognitive disabilities and traumatic childhoods but they can be of service, presumably to the “blue bloods.”
They can help avoid the importation of large number of workers by being made more amenable to exploitation with some undefined but “well designed” social policy.

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