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After The Exercise Was Done

After the morning exercises were done, Involving marching and squatting repeated twenty times,Followed by lunging forward and bending and straightening of the knee also repeated in two tens. Then he would sit on the chair, stand...

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A great change is approaching

Ahmed Keeler’s  perceptive “Rethinking Islam and the West:  A New Narrative for the Age of Crises” describes the  “ever-growing release of powers within the material realm,” as threatening civilisation.

This is contrary to the view of the British Geological Survey which proclaims  the fact that “Humans are now drivers of environmental change on a scale that is unique in Earth’s history,” is a great leap for human kind.

To the contrary Keeler sees that this has led to an escalation of crises and a once benign natural world turning “hostile and unpredictable.”

He thus questions the long held fundamental truth of modernism that the conquest of nature leads to unending progress.

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Australia reaches The Age of Crises

The nation witnessed climate refugees being rescued by the navy in Eastern Victoria, with major highways closed for long periods.
This has been followed by torrential but patchy rainfall, flash floods and the threat of at least one dam collapse.
Meanwhile our national government continues its generous support for oil coal and gas, with taxpayer subsidies and soft taxation policies.
For example in 2020 our gas output will probably outstrip that of Qatar which gets $26.6 billion in tax but Australia gets only $600 million. [12 March 2018 SMH]
ExxonMobil Australia with a total income of $42.3 billion over the past five years paid not one cent in income tax in this country. [31 January 2020 Michael West Media]
While supporting these contributors to the climate emergency, the government engages in climate emergency denial

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Dear Sir, The word terrorist has become synonymous with innocent Muslims, If a killing is done by a Caucasian guy the media calls him gunman, The recent attacks on synagogues in Europe and USA the perpetrators are called right...

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