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Post-COVID-19: What next

What has emerged from the chaos of the response to the virus in the UK and the USA is that the shibboleth of the market has been overturned.
The appalling death rates in what have been considered the most highly civilised countries of the West have forced the world to take stock.
The notion that the democracies are composed of free and equal citizens was also shown to be a lie.

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Covid-19: A slap in the face

Nothing will ever be the same after this.

Within the USA the status quo has been exposed as unacceptable in a society which claims to be ‘democratic.’

Nicolas Davie in “Why Is the U.S. So Exceptionally Vulnerable to Covid-19?” suggests that the huge death rate is due to “The lack of a national, publicly-funded universal health system.”

It is also closely related to “the corruption of our political system by powerful commercial and class interests and the American “exceptionalism” that blinds us to what we can learn from other countries.”  [27 March, 2020 Common Dreams]

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