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Boycotting Indian goods

Dear Editor; To help the Kashmiri Muslims to gain autonomy,we need to put pressure on India, The only non violent way to do this by boycotting Indian spicers clothing etc, If the Muslims Are United in Doing this it will have  a...

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Rethinking Islam and the West: Progress and Balance

This “progress” also brought us global warming, the atom bomb, devastation caused by chemicals, a tottering financial system, antibiotic resistance, the terrorist perversion of Islam and the world refugee crisis emerging from the War on Terror in the Middle East.

“In looking for a new story, a narrative which can make more sense of our past and the situation in which we now find ourselves, a criterion needs to be found in place of that of progress, and I believe this to be the criterion of balance.”

This is “…represented by the Arabic term mizan, which can be translated as balance, justice, measure, harmony or indeed, weighing scales.”

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