On the Australian media landscape, in addition to mainstream newspapers and other media outlets, there are a large number of ethnic and multilingual community newspapers representing the Australian multicultural community.

However there is no credible newspaper currently produced professionally in Australia with a wide circulation amongst all Australians presenting news and views from an Islamic perspective as well as serving the needs of the fast growing Muslim community whose first language now is English. AMUST now aims to fill this gap.

AMUST objectives:

Information: Fulfill the human right of information for all by providing facts with truthfulness and accuracy.

Freedom of Expression: Uphold freedom of expression with responsibility. Young people will be provided with the opportunity to express their ideas and opinions on current affairs, share their grievances and contribute towards building a peaceful society.

Good News: While mainstream media highlights only negative news on Muslims, AMUST will provide the good news, positive aspects of Muslim Societies in order to develop goodwill amongst all Australians.

Appreciation & Cooperation: AMUST will bring together various sections of the community together by highlighting their achievements in order to bring about appreciation and cooperation amongst them.

Inclusive: AMUST reaches out not only to Muslim but all Australians as well as globally via its website and email networks. It will promote multiculturalism, global outlook, concept of one Ummah and unity of mankind against racial, linguistic and national prejudices.

Constructive Criticism: AMUST will seek out truth and boldly raise awareness of injustice, corruption, persecution and abuse of power and wealth and promote corrective action in order to build an equitable, fair and just society.

Dialogue: AMUST will promote dialogue, communication andmeeting of people from different faiths, indigenous groups and ethnic communities. communities.