Version 1 updated Tuesday 13 August 2019

AMUST has developed a comprehensive style manual AMUST Style Guide (ASG) and a summarised version, AMUST Style Checklist (ASC), to be used for writers for their on-line submissions on AMUST multimedia platform.

All submissions must be made through uploading of text/images and photos to AMUST online wordpress system and before submitting your article please ensure that you have followed this checklist:

  1. Registration: Register yourself as a writer/author submitting all your contact details, a brief introduction and a portrait photo:
  2. News structure: Main part of news articles must include What (main news), When (date), Where (venue), Who (name of main characters) and possibly How (what was said, quotes).
  3. Fresh news: News stories/ event reports must be written quickly and submitted promptly for editing and publication before the news goes stale and is not relevant anymore.
  4. Consistency: Consistency of spelling, abbreviation, formatting and layout must be maintained throughout the article.
  5. News article/opinion piece: Appreciate the difference between news article and opinion piece. News articles must be accurate with opinion and quotations from others not your opinion or views.
  6. Words/Images: Typical news article should be 350 words while opinion piece would be around 500 words always with images/photos.
  7. First Para bold: News articles must be in Pyramid style, most important matter at the top with first para in bold.
  8. Capitalisation: Do not use capitalised, bold or italics in the main text of the article keeping it simple.
  9. More paras: Break your article into short paras preferably one sentence for one para for easy reading.
  10. No Plagiarism: Do not plagiarise, copy from other’s writings. Quote and give reference.

All articles submitted will be subject to editing by AMUST editors in line with AMUST publication policy based on merit, relevance and quality. AMUST reserves the right to publish the article on AMUST website and/or transmit through AMUST weekly Email Newsletter and/or publish in in its monthly AMUST newspaper/AMUST digital. AMUST also reserves the right not to publish the article at all.

Read the AMUST Style Guide (ASG)

Specific writing conventions used in AMUST 

  1. Headlines/ section headings: Sentence case not Title Case
  2. First Para: In bold: With most important information; main item with facts, date, place.
  3. Use of Bold/Italics: Avoid bold/italics in the text of the article
  4. Punctuations: Do not use full stops: Mr not Mr.
  5. Date: Wednesday 28 January 2013
  6. Time: 8 am or 8.30 pm
  7. Spellings: As much as possible Australian English
  8. Title of People: Use Mr for males and Ms for females avoiding Br, Sr.
  9. Quotations: Quotes should be with within quotation marks: He said, “…….” or “……..,” Mr Ahmad said.
  10. Islamic Terminologies:
    1. Use English script only: Avoid Arabic/other script especially for the print version of the paper.
    2. Use italics for Islamic words not commonly used in the English language.
    3. Keep simple spellings for transliterated words without apostrophe or dashes.
    4. For Allah don’t add any additional words.
    5. For Prophet’s name, Mohammad use (s) for Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam: Mohammad (s).
    6. For name other prophet’s names use (a) Alaihissalam: Musa (a).
    7. For Sahabause (r), Radiallah anh: Ali (r).