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The Virus

Dear Letters Editor, Just maybe, and for once, we could focus on the people who are most vulnerable to this pandemic, and to the human rights violations perpetrated by our government, so rarely reported, those people held as...

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AMUST Newsletter

I just wanted to say thank you for your newsletter and how much I enjoy reading the articles when I am having a break from work.  As a human rights activist I find there is lots of content that I enjoy but as a gardener, I don’t...

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Dear Sir, The word terrorist has become synonymous with innocent Muslims, If a killing is done by a Caucasian guy the media calls him gunman, The recent attacks on synagogues in Europe and USA the perpetrators are called right...

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Australia Day

We are all devastated by the loss and destruction, and we are all stand in solidarity with those affected. Australians share a unique set of values that define and unite us, values based on the spirit of resilience, community,...

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Boycotting Indian goods

Dear Editor; To help the Kashmiri Muslims to gain autonomy,we need to put pressure on India, The only non violent way to do this by boycotting Indian spicers clothing etc, If the Muslims Are United in Doing this it will have  a...

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“We are one”

15 March 2019. A day that we will never forget. The day 50 innocent Men, women and children entered paradise while at Friday prayers in Christchurch, my home town. Our city knows struggles from the earthquake which killed 184...

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