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  1. Al-Aziz – The Exalted with Might

The Arabic word Al-Aziz means the All Powerful, exalted in Might and highly Dominant. No one can come in front against Him. No one can challenge His decisions. All the creatures are helpless and subdued under Him. No single individual or group can ever revoke or eliminate His decisions and decrees.

The word Al-Aziz has been mostly used in Al-Quran associated with another qualifying attribute: Al-Hakeem (The Wise), Al-Ālim (The Knower), Al-Raheem (The Munificent), etc. The necessity of the qualifying attributes is that if Al-Aziz is mentioned by itself it may be considered as One unjust, aggressive or tyrant as being the attribute of power and might.


  1. Al-Jabbar – The Compeller

Al-Jabbar is the Arabic word derived from the infinitive Jabr meaning to repair or fix any situation by using power or to repair a system by force. In Arabic language the word Jabr is also used sometimes for cruel people with impure means.

The word Jabbar is used for Allah because He Has the power and capability to establish and maintain the system of equality and to execute His plan and will with force and determinism. The word Jabbar also connotes the concept of honour and high ranking. For example Jabbar is also used for the straight dates-palm, very tall in height, tree from which it is not easy to pluck the dates. Hence a very lofty grandeur performance is also termed as the Jabbar’s action.


  1. Al-Mutakabbir – The Supreme

This Arabic word is used in two senses; the first is the usage for a person not only superior but also conveys that superiority. It is also used for a person who is superior and therefore he normally behaves as a superior by virtue of his nature but not artificially.

For human or devil, any creature, the idea of one considering himself or herself as the great one and always to boast in front of others is considered a very evil action.

Contrary to this, Allah is really the Supreme Being; definitely Allah deserves to be the real Supreme Being as everything in the universe is really low and inferior being in comparison to Him. Hence for Allah to be superior and to behave Himself as being Superior is a fact and thus it is not any defect. Rather it is a very true and appropriate attribute.


  1. Al-Khāliq – The Creator;
  2. Al-Bārī’ – The Originator;
  3. Al-Mușawwir – The Fashioner

“He is Allah – The Creator (11), the Originator (12), the Fashioner (13). He is the Mighty, the Wise.”

(Quran: Al-Hashr, 59:24)

The universe from the initial intention to its final form is totally commanded and executed by Allah alone. Neither did toit come in existence by itself nor was it born by chance. Even more, there is no one else that had been involved, except Allah, in its outcome from the start to now nor will be till the end.

The Creation Process of Allah has been narrated here in three different stages in sequence.

a) First stage is Al-khalq (the appraisal or planning), Allah being Al-Khaliq (The Creator).

Allah intends and then plans for what He intends.

Example: A professional architect initiates a mental image for a particular structure required for specific functions with conditions. Having this in mind, he then prepares a professional architectural drawing on paper. Thus the first step of appraisal and planning is presented. Then it is handed over to the professional engineer.

b) Second stage is Al-bara’ (to expose), Allah being Al-Bārī’ (The Originator).

Allah brings a thing from nothing to existence.

Example: The selected professional engineer then originates a full detailed design of the structure with technical specifications and different sections for the whole structure work. The engineer also provides the detail of the construction method through the drawings and plates.

c) Third stages is Al-tașweer (the identity), Allah being the Al-Mușawwir (The Fashioner).

Allah gives form to a thing and accomplishes the last complete work.

Example: The selected project builder then erects the structure and decorates the final aesthetical form.


There is no similarity between the performance of Allah and that of the humans. All the performance of humans are extracted from the precedent works or plan while the performance of Allah is unique and His own individual inventions and accomplishment. Whatever humans produce are the manifestations and use of the elements/matter created by Allah. The human refabricates the existing combination of elements while Allah has created these very elements from which He has created this world.


  1. Al-Ghaffār – The Perpetual Forgiver

“But I am the Perpetual Forgiver for the one who turns in repentance and believes and acts righteously and then continues in guidance.” (Quran: Tāhā, 20:82)

There are four conditions for having forgiveness from Allah:

  1. a) Withdrawal from disobedience, non-belief, polytheism and infidelity
  2. b) True belief in Allah, the Prophets, the Scriptures and the Resurrection
  3. c) Righteous deeds according to the directives of Allah and His last Prophet
  4. d) Consistent leading to the right way together with avoiding the wrong path
  1. Al-Qahhar – The Predominant

“O Prophet: ‘I am only a warner. There is not any deity except Allah the One, The Predominant, The Rabb (Sustainer) of the heavens and the earth the Exalted in the Might, the Perpetual Forgiver’.”

(Quran: Sād, 38:65)

The pagans in Arabia used to respond to the Prophet: “How strange it is that you preach only for one god while there are many gods”. The above verdict given in the Quran by Allah is the Reality together with its evidence.

It emphasises that the real deity is the only One Allah as He is the Omnipotent Over-all Dominant. He is the Rabb (Sustainer and Owner) of all the heavens and earth. Each and everything in this world belongs to Him. Other than Him, there is no being (whom the pagans consider deities) who is not subjugated and the possessed ones by Him. How can the subordinates be considered as partners to Him. Allah is the only One Who is the Exalted in the Might and the perpetual Forgiver for all the inhabitant in this universe.

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