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  1. Al-Mu’akhkir – The Deferrer

“9. Has not the news reached you, of those before you, the people of Nuh (Noah), and Ād and Thamud? And those after them? None knows but Allah. To them came their Messengers with clear proof, but they put their hands in the mouth (biting them from anger) and said “Verily, we disbelieve in that with which you have been sent, and we are really in grave doubt as to that to which you invite us (i.e. Islamic Monotheism)1

  1. Their Messengers said “What! Can there be a doubt about Allah, the Creator of the heavens and the earths? 2 He calls you to Montheism and to be obedient to Allah) that He may forgive you of your sins and give you respite for a term appointed. They said 3 “ You are no more than human beings like us! You wish to turn us away from what our father used to worship.  Then bring us a clear authority (a clear proof of what you say). 4
  2. The Messengers said to them 5 “We are no more than (human beings) like you, but Allah bestows His Grace to whom He wills of His slaves. It is never for us to bring you an authority (proof) except by the Permission of Allah. And in Allah (Alone) let the believers put their trust.6
  3. “ And why should we not put our trust in Allah while He indeed has guided us our ways? And we shall certainly bear with patience, all the hurt you may cause us, and in Allah (Alone) let those who trust put their trust.” 7
  4. And those who disbelieved said to their Messengers, “Surely we shall drive you out of our land, or you shall return to our religion. So their Rabb revealed to them: “Truly, We shall destroy the Zalmun (polytheists, disbelievers and wrong-doers).8
  5. “And indeed. We shall make you dwell in the land after them. This is for him who fears standing before Me (on the day of Resurecction or fears My punishment) and also fears my threat. 9
  6. And they (the Messengers) sought victory and help (from their Rabb, Allah]; and every obstinate, arrogant dictator (who refuses to believe in the oneness of Allah) was brought to a complete loss and destruction.
  7. In front of him ( every obstinate or arrogant dictator) is Hell, and he will be made to drink boiling, festering water.
  8. He will sip it unwillingly, and he will find a great difficulty to swallow it down his throat and death will come to him from every side, yet he will not die and in front of him, will be a great torment. 10
  9. The parable of those who disbelieved in their Rabb is that their works are as ashes on which the wind blows furiously on a stormy day and they shall not be able to aught of what they have earned. That is straying far away (from the Right Path).11
  10. Do you not see that Allah has created the heavens and the earth with truth? If He wills, He can remove you and bring (in your place) a new creation. 12
  11. And for Allah that is not hard or difficult.13”

(Ibrahim 14:9-20)


  1. The passage is a dialogue with the disbelievers. Initially they whisper their rejection of the message of the Prophet. Then the last verbal expression depicts total denial of their appeal with an indication of anger.

It expresses their remarks of objection. It is the denial of the message for the acceptance and action of truthful verdict. The situation becomes precarious that neither opposition camp denies with full conviction nor other opponents oppose it with correct argument. Hence all non-accepting person openly oppose it because of their absorbed in their vested interest; but the truth of the message by the Prophets affect the minds and hearts of everyone who hears it. This develops a sort of turmoil and confusion among the audience.

  1. Since the polytheist of all times used to believe in the existence of a Supreme Being, as the Creator of the earth and the heavens, all the prophets used to convey their truthful message on the basis. They presented the message as the extension of their own accepted ideas of existence of a supreme being. But the polytheists don’t believe the Supreme being as the sole Creator of the earth and the heavens.
  2. The promised respite can be considered for the present individuals at the present or upto the last day of Resurrection. Honourable and stable communities start removing the vices and their accounting respite in this world is nullified, while deteriorating and unstable communities if changed with virtues in their ideas and actions, their respite maybe extended till their practicing with virtues (as explained in Al-Quran, Ra’d, 13:11).
  3. Their argument against their prophets was: you seem human just like us, drink, eat and enjoy a family like other humans. Then you are similar to us in undergoing all feelings and human deficiencies like we humans. Hence we do not find any remarkable difference in you that convinces us that God talks with you and angels appreciate you. We would definitely test you to convince us that God has sent you the message.
  4. The prophet replies “Truly we are also human beings but Allah has taught us the knowledge and vision. It is His order and duty assigned to us to convey his message as directed by Allah. He is free to bestow upon His servants (human beings) to whom He selects and appoints the Messenger  to convey His Message. Neither we can give you whatever has not been given to us nor we can keep secrets of what has been directed to us to be conveyed to you.
  5. It does not mean that the prophets were used to be part and parcel of the astray communities. It only refers to the prophets having direction before their prophethood that they never took the side or raised against ideology prevalent in their communities. Thus these communities used to consider them a part of their communities.

So, after starting to convey the new divine message/directive after Prophethood, the prophets were ousted by their communities. In principle they never participated in ongoing activities of communities. So the blame of the community on the prophets is a baseless plea.

  1. Allah consoles the believers to not worry about the threats of the opponents. Allah asserts his own verdict among the members of the community that they may not be allowed afterward to live in the country as a nonbelievers. The future shall disclose the outcome for those who believe.
  2. Allah is expressing his Sunnah (strategy) as to what happened with the previous communities of the prophet. Hence the Makkan non-believers had been especially warned that now onwards their future depends upon the call of the Last Prophet. If they accept they can live comfortably otherwise they will be ostracised from the community if they are rejected. The Sunnah of Allah explains through these historical events that in 5 years not a single polytheist remained in Arabia.
  3. For those who adopted the characteristics of living with dishonesty, selfishness, disbelief, egoism and vehement denial of the call by the prophets, history proved that their whole life-dealing and action transformed them from their mansions and palaces into a heaps of ashes.

Just through one thunderstorm could make their pomp and show  vanish. The wonder-struck industrial achievements, their vast empires and their manifested virtues as well as the welfare and precious achievements,  on which they had great pride, would totally vanish by the thunderbolt of the Day of Resurrection.  So in the life Hereafter, no particle of all these civilisations and activities will remain as an asset in the divine balance to fetch the recompense for themselves.

  1. This is the argument for the example in the previous verse (no.18) just to remove their doubt about the future prophecy.

“Don’t you observe and apply your vision to decide whether this whole universe with the earth and heavens and their contents have been created and monitored by One Supreme Being or by chance without any Being of capabilities and intellect and wisdom. It is quite obvious that any event based on chance, fiction and day-dreaming not having reality and occurrence can never exist or establish a progressive management. There is no possibility of establishment and future progress.”

  1. If you can grasp the simple logic, how can you become astonished that the one who works on becoming free from the deviation and obedience of God (Allah) and the Messenger of God (Allah) follows the correct way of thinking and action.
  2. So when it is not real that the humans are totally self independent or the servants of ‘a being’ other than the Supreme being (God or Allah), how can the persons who live in this world as the real nice people have been working correctly about the ideas of life after death.

A person may question that if the scheme by Allah is the real truth why doesn’t every atheist and evil–doers become exterminated from his life. This is also responded in the verses 19 and 20.

  1. In the end, an expression of advices as well as the elimination of doubt cultivates in the heart of some persons after hearing the claim of the disbelievers. A person can question that if the prophecy about the future of every evil-doer and disbeliever is true, then why doesn’t it occur immediately. Its replies is given by Allah as interpreted below:

“Do you envisage that it is difficult for Allah to terminate such persons. Or the persons are related with Allah and just because of family relationship Allah has given a latitude to them.  If it is not so and you know very well that it is not so, then you should also realise that a disbelieving and evil-doing community itself is well-aware of this bad occurrence with them. Hence they may correct to change their path. If there is today not an actual occurrence of this prophecy then the community should consider it a kind of respite and therefore they should correct themselves the earlier the better. “


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