The Wartaqi Academy, in collaboration with most Muslim Student Associations across Australia and New Zealand, is proud to present this fantastic, unforgettable online initiative: Ramadan Strivers 2.0!

The blessed month we are all eagerly waiting for is just around the corner! 

Yes, that’s right, Ramadan is on its way inshaAllah! The month that is filled with opportunities to connect with the Quran and better ourselves for the sake of Allah. We definitely do not want to miss the opportunity to reap as many good deeds as we can! 

To assist you in this journey of making the most during Ramadan, Wartaqi Academy has created events to immerse you in a unique Quranic experience, through interactive activities, talks and crash courses before, during and after Ramadan!

Some of these exciting events include: Daily recitation tracking system, Surah Al-Kahf crash course and Surah Al-Asr crash course. We also got amazing daily social media content and booklets that will help you stay organised and consistent during this blessed month!

The Quran and Ramadan go together. Ramadan is the month of the Qur’an and the month where deeds are multiplied many times over, so why miss this opportunity to reconnect with the Qur’an?

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