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Part 2 – Attributes 1-7 of Allah

“He is Allah – There is no deity but Him. He is the Knower of the unseen and the Witnessed. He is All-Compassionate(01), All-Merciful (02)

He is Allah – There is no deity but Him. He is the Sovereign (03), the Most Pure (04), the Bestower of Safety (05), the Granter of Security (06), the Protector (07), the Exalted with Might (08), the Compeller (09), the Supreme (10). Exalted is Allah above whatever they ascribe with Him.”

(Al-Hashr, 59:22-23)

1. Al-Rahmān – The All-Compassionate

He is the only Being Whose mercy and compassion is overreaching, enveloping the whole universe. Each and every entity gets the benefit of His compassion. There is no one else in the whole universe having such overall unlimited and unique Mercy.


2. Al-Raheem – The All-Merciful

Any other being’s mercy is partial and limited. . Furthermore it is also not performed by it as its own virtues but mercy bestowed upon him-her-it by the Creator for a particular reason or necessity. Any part of mercy bestowed upon any human being by Allah is to enable that human to help and guardi. This itself is also because of Allah’s overreachingl mercy. Here Allah is Compassionate and Helpful to all human beings.


3. Al-Malik – The Sovereign

Arabic word Al-Malik means the Sovereign in English. It connotes two perspectives. One is that Allah is the only One Overall Sovereign. The other is that It points out that He is not confined to any particular region, treaty or planet. His rule and jurisdiction encompasses each and every corner of the universe. He owns everything. Everything is under His power, jurisdiction and control. There is nothing to limit His sovereignty. In Al-Quran, His sovereignty has been mentioned in different aspects at different places according to the context. His Sovereignty is further elaborated through the following ten (4 to 13) attributes mentioned in the above verses and in verse 59:24.


4. Al-Quddus – The Most Pure

Al-Quddus is the exaggerative form of the infinitive Arabic Al-Quds. Quds means the elimination and negation of all evil and un-holy things. Quddus is the superlative degree of Being, totally devoid of any deficiency, defect, imperfection or impurity. Hence Allah is most pure in attributes never even thought of having any evil phenomena. The quality of being Quddus is the essential requirement of Sovereignty. The nature and root of humanity totally abhors any immoral, discourteous or unkind being having the attribute of sovereignty. Any sovereignty by dictatorship, democracy, socialism or any other means can not be considered ultimately equivalent to the Arabic word Quddus.


5. Al-Salām – The Bestower of Safety

The Arabic word Al-Salām means the quality of peace. Instead of categorising the attribute as the peaceful being in classical literature this word is used with the climactic value. Allah Himself is this attribute personified. For example, in describing a very beautiful person that person then becomes beauty personified. Hence Allah is Peace personified. His very presence is the assurance of peace.


6. Al-Mu’min – The Granter of Security

This Arabic word is the infinitive of Amn (safety), to be devoid of any obvious danger and become fully secure and safe. The mu’min in Arabic literature also means the one who is the provider of safety and security to others. Allah is Mu’min in the sense that He is the Granter of security to every one.

As there is no object of such security it does not indicate any particular person to whom Allah provides security and peace. Hence it indicates that Allah Himself desires all His creatures to be safe. If any person becomes insecure, it may be because of his/her own wrong actions or wrong dealings.


7. Al-Muhaimin – The Protector

This Arabic word has three different meanings to be used simultaneously or together for Allah, as the case may be.

Watch-keeper or caretaker;

Observer who meticulously observes any dealings or actions no matter how minute;

Guardian or warden who has taken responsibility to fulfil all the needs and requirements of his dependants or wards.

Here also it is not mentioned who is the person for whom Allah is Muhaimin. Hence it automatically connotes that Allah is watching and taking care of all His creatures. Allah is also watching all the actions, thoughts and plans of all His creatures and Allah has also taken the responsibility of providing all the sustenance and provision to all His creatures.

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