Prominent Pakistani scholar and Mawlana (preacher) Tariq Jamil has congregated the faithful in his latest Australian tour.

Gracing the Sydney community with his presence on Monday 7 October hosted by OnePath Network and in Melbourne on Saturday 12 October hosted by Al Siraat College, he delivered a lecture on the subject of self-purification, accountability, observance of Allah’s orders and following of the way of Prophet.

On a sweltering day, Mawlana Tariq Jamil addressed a captivated Melbourne audience of around 1,000 community members in Urdu.

Opening with Quran, he began by reciting the revered Ayat al-Kursi (The Throne Verse) praising the innumerable qualities of Allah, the Quran’s beauty and making the most of the precious time on earth.

“The words of Quran are everlasting and unaltered,” he enlightened.

He then went on to praise the Prophet’s virtues who lead an exemplary life as a teacher and guide for all of humanity.

“Not only was he beautiful in appearance, (but) he was beautiful in his character too. The Prophet’s face was full of Noor (light)”, he exclaimed.”

Melbourne Muslims gathered to listen to Mawlana Tariq Jamil. Photographer: Ammara Raja.

The Mawlana inspired the gathering to seek to emulate the Prophet’s attributes such as gentleness and compassion. Demonstrating this he explained, in a society where it was unusual to express love to one’s wife publicly; when the Prophet Muhammed (s) was asked who he cherished most amongst this companions, he answered his wife, Aisha. When pressed further, from whom amongst his male companions he emphasised this point by answering “Aisha’s father, Abu Bakr”. 

Thus, bringing him to mention Aisha’s name twice before his followers. Thereby, setting an example for his male counterparts.

“We should seek guidance from the Prophet Muhammed (s) by being fair and honest in our dealing (with people). Therefore, if you are a businessman, be a fair and honest businessman,” he encouraged. 

As Muslims living in the West, he urged the Australian Muslim community of our responsibilities to pay taxes and maintain fair and equitable dealings in this country. He reminded the congregation of our religious obligations to give in charity locally.

He further elaborated that as Muslims, we should first look to support our local community by helping Australia first, which is the country we have chosen to call home. To support one’s immediate community he explained, is to live in accordance with Prophet’s teachings.

“It can be compelling to make money and build fancy houses, but instead our focus should be on building a path to the hereafter,” he highlighted.

An excited Melbourne audience of around 1,000 community members listen intently to a lecture delivered in Urdu. Photographer: Ammara Raja.

The Mawlana went further to explain that the Quran introduces Allah’s qualities to humanity and to know the Quran is to know Allah.

Having a background in medicine, Tariq studied at King Edward Medical College in Lahore. It was there that his focus changed to Islamic Education associated with Tablighi Jamaat, in areas as broad as Sufism and Islamic jurisprudence.

His acclaimed ability to clearly articulate himself, drawing on his scientific background appeals to many. Moreover, his sweet disposition and eloquence in Urdu, as well as his fluency in Arabic, has earned him an esteemed reputation across the Muslim world.

His talk was riddled with witty remarks speaking in a mixture of Punjabi and Saraiki.

He stated the significance of maintaining vigilance with one’s prayers for spiritual success and warned against making prayers a chore.

“Make your homes beautiful by praying and ensure love is at the centre of your prayer,” he uplifted. 

Mawlana Tariq Jamil explained that the best amongst believers are those that do good deeds with a pure intention, seek to acquire knowledge and are sincerely wholehearted with one’s prayers.

“When I came to the event…and I was so overwhelmed with emotion just being in the spiritual space, ” said the audience member Ammara.

“Praise be to god…I thought it was lovely to hear such an amazing speaker…(he) reiterated the basic principles of Islam, to be honest, to be good to people and emphasised (good) character,” said the audience member Mehak.

Closing with a moving prayer, he was greeted by an elated crowd of all ages.