Glorify the Lord when you witness the desert bloom,

Praise the Creator when you hear the nature’s tune,

Prime in goodness as the goodness elevates,

Pray in eagerness as the prayer permeates.


Sovereignty belongs to the Creator,

The God in Heavens and the God on Earth,

The Living, the Eternal,

The Forgiving, the Merciful,

The Immense and the Exalted,

The Ever-Existent and the Timeless,

The Self-Sufficient and the Needless!

The One and the Only One!


I submit to the Will of the Creator,

I sing His Glory and Praise,

I witness that God is the Lord,

Of all things large and small!


He is the Originator, the Modeller,

The Source and the Inspirer,

The End and the Beginning,

And none unto like Him!


Inspire me Lord to give thanks for the favours

You bestowed on me and on my parents,

And to truly say: “My prayers and my devotions,

My life and my death are all for my God,

The Lord of the Universes who has no peer”