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More beautiful is the accord between soulsthan the moon`s halo, or the sun`s shadowin a desert grove, but the time must be ripe.Like the red leaves on the vineor the purple on the figthere is a waiting, and, as well, some...

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A New Beginning

The dusty yesterdays are forgotten,they are worn out and gone.The joy of a new beginningbrings bright expectations;the family comes inglad, hopeful and hearty.There is a joint appreciationof the luminous creation.The sunshine...

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All I know now

I did not know then, what it meant to falter Had no idea about wounds that could be made salter The finest tears were shed upon scuffed knees A lot was wrapped in closure with sorry and please Grass wasn’t greener, we just...

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Life and Living

Like the brightness of innumerable stars and heights reached by the lofty waves.And resonance in the enclosed cavity perturbing silence of the night.Or like the restlessness of untamed youth and blending of myriad of colors and...

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We are the same

This poem is inspired by this verse of the Quran: “And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided.” (Quran 3:103) We are the same We are united together We share our happiness with each other We are...

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