Category: Poem

Destination postcode Earth

(A poetic expression of the world as I see it) Someone tell me where? Planets warming up, Forests are cut down, Wildlife’s struggling. Humans dehumanised, Ice caps are melting, All life is struggling, Life is killing life,...

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He said “smile it’s not that hard” She said “come on smile!” He smiled, she smiled I tried smiling back It was fake very fake Very very fake   How do I balance my life Between home work and activist life As if teaching...

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Waste Not

Waste not brightness of clear dayworrying about darkness of the night.Think not about bustle of the day whileyou are submerged in silence of the night!Agonize not on pitch dark cloudinesswhen you embrace splendor of the full...

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Them and Us (Colonialism)

We called it them and us. We went around as entrepreneurs. We went we found we plundered. We were better resourced than them. We were advance in culture than them. We felt much smarter than them. We showed them our ways. We...

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Ramadan O! Ramadan

Allah is Salaam He is also known  as Rahman Some of His other names are Hannan, Mannan, Sultan, Ghufran, Mastaan,……… He created Insaan Blessed us with Islam Granted us Imaan Taught us Qur’an But some Insaan are...

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