As we continue to see the outpour of devastation and horrific scenes coming out of Gaza, we continue to see the inaction of the world leaders, overlooking mass murder, and ethnic cleansing.   

For over 75 years Palestinians have been inflicted by war crimes, genocide, starvation tactics, mass murders in the name of collective punishment and the list goes on. 

Enough is enough, how much longer must Palestinians suffer before justice is upheld? 

In 1941 when the holocaust swept through Germany the people and international leaders promised that they would never let such atrocities happen ever again. But why doesn’t this apply to the people of Palestine?

What happened during the holocaust was indeed very unfortunate and this shouldn’t have happened. This is why we cannot sit by and carry on with our lives as another genocide takes place in front of us. We cannot let history repeat itself. 

The eyes of the powerful are blind to the inhumane treatment of the Palestinian people. They continue to remain silent to a genocide broadcasted through their phones and TVs. 

They remain silent

How can we look up to our leaders as they stand by genocide and abstain in voting for a ceasefire? How many more innocent civilians must die before action is taken? Almost 100,000 buildings have been completely dismantled by heavy bombardment yet no action has been taken. 

How many more people must die from hunger and thirst before aid is given? 

How many more Palestinians need to be killed for the international community to take action? 

Nowhere is safe

Not even refugee camps, a place where lives are to be protected and safeguarded are now becoming mass graves. Not even hospitals, a place where lives are to be saved and preserved are now becoming an area for Israel to mass murder innocent civilians and mercilessly murder health care workers. Only 8 hospitals out of 36 are functioning in Gaza. 

There is no safe haven

How many more children need to die for the international community to deem it unacceptable? How many more barbaric war crimes can Israel commit before action is taken? 

What more will it take, for the international community to act? 

There is little to no running water, limited life-saving medical aid and equipment, and no electricity or internet connection.  People are dying from hunger and starvation due to limited food resources. 

If Palestinians are not dying from air strikes they are dying from starvation. Palestinians are lacking basic human needs that you and I both have access to. 

Imagine if you were a child in Gaza, you may have been killed by bombs, suffocated under the rubbles of your own home due to relentless bombing or became an orphan with no surviving family. 

Maybe If you were lucky you may have become a refugee but you would have been labelled a refuge for the rest of your life. Your right to education and childhood would have been stripped from you.

This is the reality for the Palestinian children. A reality that no child should have to bear. 

More than 10,000 children dead

How many more will it take before an immediate and permanent ceasefire is put in place? 

How many more cries for help are needed? How many more livelihoods are to be stripped? How much more torture and struggle can the Palestinian people continue to endure? 

The media is slowly losing interest in the atrocities committed towards the Palestinian people, forgetting that the Palestinian people are still suffering and Palestine is not free yet. 

It is time to push for an immediate and permanent ceasefire before it’s too late.