Does it make sense that prosperous UAE harms poor Muslims and scuttles others’ aspirations to experience democracy; instead constrains them to suffer wars and live under autocrats? Is it sensical it befriends Israel, protagonist of Arabs, while undertaking militaristic ventures that promote its own self-destruction?

Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed (MBZ) leads Emirates’ power politics, relying on domestic repression (SWP).

Two prongs of his foreign/defence policies are hatred for the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood and hostility to Iran; the former his greatest concern.

MBZ eliminated his only domestic threats, liberals and Muslim Brotherhood (MB- classified as terrorist even though it’s very moderate).

He fears if MB gains power elsewhere, it may embolden Gulf followers. So Emirates’ leadership supports authoritarian governments.

MBZ isn’t seeking fellow-citizens’ love but relies on US-Israeli protection.

However, Obama’s dropping support for Hosni Mubarak, shocked UAE rulers, forcing them to conclude they couldn’t depend on Washington.

Now UAE allies with Israel. Israel however, promotes destruction, as per their Yinon Plan.

UAE should heed Allah’s admonition: “you see those in whose hearts is disease, hurrying to friends, saying, ‘We are afraid misfortune may strike us.’ But perhaps Allah will bring victory or His decision, and they will become regretful over what they self-conceal.” (Quran 5:52)

With Saudi Arabia, UAE led the counterrevolution against the Arab Spring movement. It supported the 2013 Egyptian coup against elected President Morsi, consigning Egyptians to military rule.

UAE intervened in Libya in 2011 to prevent Islamists taking power.

UAE favours authoritarian rule and supported General Haftar. Even the Obama administration criticised UAE for circumventing UN arms embargos to provide Haftar supplies.

After Turkey intervened, Haftar’s forces retreated.

The goal of halting Iranian expansion drew UAE and SA into Yemen, devastating it.

SA relied on cooperation with MBZ-aligned Al-Islah-led forces; key opponents of Houthis.

Under UAE influence though, SA reduced support for Al-Islah; UAE troops persecuted them.

In 2018, fighting erupted in Aden, when UAE-backed separatists prevailed against SA-backed loyalists, capturing Aden.

UAE’s actions in rejecting Yemen’s most effective Sunni militia, and establishing territory independent of the Hadi government, prevents peaceful resolution, causing Yemenis massive harm and deaths.

Last month, Houthis attacked UAE with drones killing three people. The war intended to prevent a ‘Yemeni Hezbollah’ threatens UAE’s own devastation!

UAE supported overthrowing Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir and a Transitional Military Council (TMC).

The coup facilitates UAE/SA/Egyptian control over Sudan. UAE supports the TMC and promoted General Hemedti’s leadership, whose forces helped massacre 130 protestors.

Emirates’ covert financial flows helps generals resist the popular democratic movement. Unsurprisingly then, the 2021 military takeover dismantled a power-sharing agreement with Sudan’s civil society.

Tunisian President Saied seized executive power with his 2021 self-coup by declaring an emergency.

Tunisia’s last democratic stronghold in North Africa, represented a success of the ‘Arab Spring’.

Evidence suggests UAE instigated the current coup. In 2020, Turkish intelligence reportedly foiled a coup attempt coordinated by UAE.

“The destructive role of these Gulf actors and their strides towards crushing all Arab democracies, whilst remaining best friends with the ‘worldwide spreader of democracy’ [US] shows which side the American government is on.”

UAE leaders ignore Islamic teachings that Muslims are brothers (Quran 49:10), prohibits killing believers (Quran 4:93), and the necessity of shura councils (Quran 42:38).

The Abraham Accords enhanced UAE-Israeli cooperation. Palestinian leaders though consider UAE betrayed the Palestinian cause.

In 2021, Israeli and Emirati forces, for the first time, conducted joint naval exercises. UAE also joined the US-initiated dialogue involving anti-Muslim protagonists India, Israel and the US.

UAE has dangerous potential to become an Israeli-led proxy, further destabilising the Middle-East.

We call on MBZ to cease UAE’s oppressive actions and embrace the Muslim Ummah.