The 15 March is fast approaching again. It was a dreadful day in 2019 for the Christchurch Muslim community when peaceful Muslim worshippers were killed without any provocation.

Acknowledgement: I would like to acknowledge and congratulate Muslims in Christchurch and the Muslim world for their demonstration of peace despite the indescribable sufferings. It shows that Islam is about peace and that Muslims are true ambassadors of peace. I would also like to acknowledge Kiwis for their extra-ordinary love and compassion, and their leaders to lead the country through an inclusive way. Moreover, I would like to acknowledge the world for their support.

Love won against hate: 15 March was one hate, and that hate was defeated by love in New Zealand. The world did not support the hate either. The humanity cried with love and expressed its strong desire for peace. This unity in love and compassion must continue in every country for a peaceful world, and to remove human suffering.

Honour for the Martyrs: Whatever awards or Honour I have been offered for my little contribution in setting the tone of peace after 15 March 2019, is dedicated to the most honourable martyrs. My wife and 50 other friends have received the highest honourable status in Paradise (Inshaallah), and I feel happy for them even though I still cry due to my love for them. We lost them temporarily, but they gained Paradise (Inshaallah). Therefore, we have not lost the rewards from Allah at all.

What have I learnt? 15 March 2019 massacre taught me a lot. I have summarised my views  as follows:

  1. Life & death is controlled by Allah. The killer wanted to kill all of us, but Allah has chosen some martyrs from among us.
  2. The best way we can heal our trauma/grief is to surrender to Allah’s decisions, and accept whatever Allah allows for us. We should be happy with whatever tests Allah permits us to go through without feeling anger or breaking down with grief.
  3. Living without fear but courage. Only fear of Allah for best deeds must be our mission before death embraces us. Let Allah be our guardian to take care of us.
  4. Most people in this world reacted to the tragedy with love and peace. We should endeavour to find common grounds to promote unity and peace among humans.

Conclusion: 15 March was a tragedy, but the result was Martyrdom, Paradise, human unity, love, compassion, and peace. Let us focus on positivity and work harder for the better. Let us do our best to pass the test in this life and leave the future with Allah. In conclusion, I would remind us about the Quranic verse again: “Inna pillage wa inna alai he rajeoon (To Allah we belong and to Him is our return). [Quran 2:156]