Al Amanah College, Liverpool Campus held its Year 10 Graduation Ceremony on Friday 29 November in the school’s Grand Hall. The presentation ceremony marked the end of 11 years of studies and highlighted the academic performance, extra-curricular and sporting achievements of the students throughout the academic year.

The ceremony officially began by the MCs for the event, Year 10 students, Alae Jamous and Yasmin Bajouri  with a beautiful recitation from the Holy Qur’an by a talented Year 10 student Muhammad Ayman Alwan.

This was followed by the Head Principal Mr El Dana congratulating the Year 10 students for completing their Year 10 studies and reminded them to remain steadfast and preserve for the next two years in their future academic studies. Mr El Dana also thanked the families for providing support during their journey towards reaching their goal.

Dr Sheikh Ibrahim Alshafie spoke on the importance of acquiring Islamic knowledge and remaining steadfast on the path set by out beloved Prophet Muhammad (s).

Year 10 student Halima El-Zahab reflected on the most important and memorable moments that signified the cohort’s experiences at Al Amanah College while Sabrina Kfoury presented a speech in Arabic and enlightened all attendees with her eloquent Arabic speaking skills.

The Year 10 Advisor Miss Baker congratulated the students on this great achievement and showed her appreciation to their hard work and contribution throughout the years.

A short school video projection that highlighted the school’s academic and community-based achievements and a Year 10 video that showcased the wonderful memories of the Year 10 students from their humble beginnings at Al Amanah College was presented for the entertainment of all present.

Al Amanah College congratulates all the Year 10 students and the award winners:

Australian Geography Competition: Halima El-Zahab, Rossel Alobeidi, Alae Jamous and Nadia Abdo

Australian History Competition: Princess Dib and Halima Zahab


VALID Tests: Congratulations to the following students who achieved an overall band 6 (the highest band ) for their VALID examination: Rossel Alobeidi, Muhammad Alwan, Halima El-Zahab and Ahmad Khaled


South West Connect Award: Ameera Kanj


Australian Defence Force award: Halima El-Zahab.


Values Award: Sania Owais and Mona Hammoud


Consistent Effort Awards

 Ayah Awad, Samir Saddiq and Ahmad Khaled


Achievement Awards: Iyad Mohammed, Abdifatah Mohammed, Alae Jamous, Muhammad Nachar and Yasmin Bajouri


Principal Awards: Muhammad Alwan, Sabrina Kfoury, Malak Kabbout, Rossel Alobeidi and Yassmin Kabbout


Caltex All Rounder Award: Muhammad Alwan


USYD – The University of Sydney Academic Excellence Award: Halima El-Zahab


Most Outstanding Student of Year 10 – Halima El-Zahab


 Sports person of the year: Wahib Hassan and Aiyah Marabani


Age Champions: Abdullah Zahab and Nourel Houda Al Hafedh


SRC Awards:

SRC members: Amar Nabilssi and Yasmin Bajouri

Vice Captains: Aiyah Marabani and Majdaldeen Sidaoui

Class Captains: Muhammad Alwan and Alae Jamous


Chanting Band Awards

Muhammad Alwan, Omar El Sayed, Alae Jamous, Houssam Jamous, Nada Kerdi, Omar Mallah, Aiyah Marabani, Ahmad Massalkhi, Muhammad Nachar, Majdaldeen Sidaoui, Halima El Zahab and Abdullah Zahab.