The Green Valley Mosque with conjunction with Green Valley Islamic College opened its doors to the community with their Open Day on Sunday 10 November 2019 with the estimate of 700 visitors.

A large number of families visited the premises in South West Sydney observing student displays, assignments, projects, artworks and science experiments.

The school also showcased Arabic language projects as well as displays pertaining to normal curriculum.

The entertainment included horse/pony rides, jumping castles, carnival rides, Turkish coffee, food, henna art, face painting and lolly and candy.

It was a beautiful and heart-warming experience for the Mosque as well as the school.

The mosque and school administration wishes to express deep and sincere gratitude to each and every person who made this landmark day possible from the volunteers who worked tirelessly in preparation, to the brothers and sisters who helped out on the day with various tasks  and most important of all, for immunity members accepting the invitation.

It is hoped that the visitors enjoyed the unique experience that should be shared by family and friends looking forward to further increase in numbers during future open days.

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