The P-Plated Prime Minister has made yet another rushed announcement recognising West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel implying thereby East Jerusalem would be recognised as the capital of Palestine when the so-called two-state solution comes into effect.

Israel all along has claimed Jerusalem as its undivided capital. Now even the Israeli cabinet, at least one section of it, is in uproar.

The Israeli ambassador to Australia in a recent radio interview with ABC has been embarrassingly pushed to a corner by a journalist where the ambassador was struggling for words to smoothen the rough edges of Morrison’s Jerusalem muddle. He used the phrase ‘Palestinian aspiration’ to justify Morrison’s unsaid words on East Jerusalem.

The Australia Palestine Advocacy Network (APAN) has heavily criticised Morrison government’s announcement that it will recognise West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, a move that only serves to appease extremist elements of the Party while further slamming closed the door to peace.

“As Israel claims exclusive sovereignty over all of Jerusalem and refuses to abide by United Nations resolutions calling it to withdraw from occupied East Jerusalem, we cannot give them a free kick,” said Bishop George Browning, President of the Australia Palestine Advocacy Network.

“It serves no Australian interest, will weaken our trade and security relations with regional partners, and may irreparably injure our international reputation by aligning Australia with the Trump and Netanyahu governments against an overwhelming international consensus regarding the status of Jerusalem,” Bishop Browning further added.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is yet to learn the art of leading a nation. A leader should take care of what comes out his/her mouth to avoid regret, embarrassment, humiliation and even trouble for the nation as consequence.

The PM’s thoughtless utterance to shift the capital of Israel to Jerusalem, which he made in Wentworth, NSW, to capture the Jewish votes during the by-election campaign, has forced him to juggle around what he said, because of adverse international reaction from neighbouring Muslim countries.

It is possible that he might have been prompted to make that announcement by one of his ministerial lieutenants Mr Josh Frydenberg, a Jew and ardent supporter of Israel.

As a consequence, Scott Morrison immediately put Australia’s trade deal with neighbouring Indonesia into Jeopardy, and the damage control had to be done by none other than Malcolm Turnbull, whose unjustified dismissal as party leader by a conspiratorial cabal brought Morrison as PM by default.

Dr Mahathir, the Prime Minister of Malaysia also expressed his concern about Morrison’s reckless announcement. However, the damage has been done and it is left to him to camouflage the whole affair to the best of his ability to minimise the damage.

We Muslim citizens of Australia must not allow this Prime Minister’s insensitivities towards our feelings go unpunished. The Prime Minister’s undercover Islamophobia, first through his immigration control and border security policy and now with his divided Jerusalem, is crystal clear and there is nothing to stop him to go even further.

Even those Muslim voters who are card-carrying members of the Liberal Party should reconsider their support to the coalition as long as this P-plated PM remains the leader.

This is the only peaceful and democratic way of expressing our disgust. Let us show our protest at the ballot box. ANIC and AFIC that claim to be the apex bodies of the community must start an anti-Morrison campaign.