The Minster for Immigration, Peter Dutton has been heavily criticised for his comments that it was a mistake to admit Muslim Lebanese during the early seventies from war-torn Lebanon.

The state member for Lakemba and Shadow Minister of Education Jihad Dib commented ‘I am part of the so-called mistakes’.

Mr Dib arrived in Australia as a young child during the early 1970’s from war-torn Lebanon.

Mr Dutton’s exact words during an interview by Andrew Bolt, a right-wing columnist on Sky News were “Well clearly, Andrew, if there is a particular problem that people can point to within a certain community, if we’re talking about a significant number of people within that community who are doing the wrong thing, then clearly mistakes have been made in the past. And the reality is that Malcolm Fraser did make mistakes in bringing some people in the 1970s and we’re seeing that today. And we need to be honest in having that discussion.”

In effect he said that it was a mistake to bring in Lebanese Muslims in the 1970s, because over the course of three generations, 22 of them were charged with terrorist related offences.

Mr Jihad Dib, MP: “I am part of the so-called mistakes”.

Mr Jihad Dib, MP:
“I am part of the so-called mistakes”.

Mr Dib further added “I was bitterly disappointed by the Minister’s comments, but I was even more disappointed by the Prime Minister’s lack of leadership in not condemning what was said. Really it seemed he was quite supportive of what was being said.”

The Prime Minister, showing his utter weakness, although declined to endorse the comments, said that Dutton was “entitled” to reflect “on policies many years ago”.

The Lebanese Muslim Association released a statement condemning his remarks as racist and accusing him towards an immigration policy based on racial and religious profiling.

Many prominent second and third generation Lebanese Australians have condemned the blatantly racist remarks by Mr Peter Dutton.

Mr Dutton has failed to understand that there is no way to tell in advance if someone’s grandchildren will one day be charged with an offence, terrorism, drug dealing or murder.