As four of the sisters in a family of 11 children (10 daughters and one son), Houda, 43, Halla, 45, Leeann, 39, and Rouba Shahrouk, 40, brought their best and won Family Food Fight on Channel Nine on Monday 27 November, taking home a whopping $100,000 and the title of Australia’s Number 1 Food Family.

It is an incredible point of pride for a group of four hijabi women winning such a great title. It’s not only their talent in the kitchen, the Shahrouk sisters made us all proud with the good-natured and larger than life personalities.

Leeann Shahrouk with the Family Food Fight shield.

The Shahrouk Sisters were up against the Butler Family, winning the judges over with their mouth-watering Lebanese mezze plate,  lamb kabsa and znood el siit — a traditional Lebanese deep-fried pastry, filled with clotted cream.

The challenge was to cook a three-course meal for 40 family members plus the judges!

Born and bred in Australia, with 19 children between them (and Houda currently expecting number 20), it is clear that this group of superwomen have no trouble catering for huge family gatherings. In fact, a family gathering of 50 is a weekly occurrence.

Eldest sister Halla Shahrouk, 45, from Bass Hill, was beside herself with joy and said there were “fireworks” when they discovered they had won.

“The roof came down, there was screaming, crying, emotions. it was unbelievable,” Halla said. “We just feel proud, the whole journey was worth it.”

Taught by the matriarch of the family, mother Shamma passed down the intricate expertise of Lebanese cooking.

We’re so proud of these four incredible Australian women.