In Semester One this year, the Year 2 students at Al Siraat College, a school in Melbourne learned all about ‘Wonderful Water’.  

Apart from the rich scientific knowledge that they gained from investigating the Water Cycle, students also gained a deep understanding of how water is essential for life, and in appreciation of how blessed we are here in Australia to have such easy access to fresh, clean water.

They learned that not all children around the world were as fortunate to have access to fresh clean water to drink.  They were moved to find out that 800 million people lacked access to clean water, resulting in this silently killing one child every single minute.

Hence, as part of the ”Taking Action” component in their Inquiry learning cycle, the Year 2s were keen to raise funds to build a well in Somalia.

Their efforts and enthusiasm were readily adopted by the Year 4s.  Together, they came up with a range of creative fundraising ideas, that successfully culminated in the collection of $6419.25.

The money is scheduled to be handed to the representatives of Human Appeal International personally by school kids on Friday 4 December to build wells, one each in Somalia and Kyrgyzstan.

The popular “Get Splat” activity, for the sake of Sadaqa Jariya.

The popular “Get Splat” activity, for the sake of Sadaqa Jariya.

One of the most successful fundraising activities that generated a lot of laughter and funds was “Get Splat”, where students, parents, teachers, administration and office staff  happily lent their faces for a good “Splat” for the sake of Sadaqa Jariya (continuing charity).

A grand Bake Sale, and donations collected after Jumaa, Friday prayers, also saw the whole school community coming together for the sake of this charitable cause.

As the Hadith of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (s) goes:

“The best form of charity is giving water (to drink).” 

(Hadith narrated by Ibn Majah)

The Hadith, above serves as an inspiration to students and teachers at Al Siraat College to initiate well building projects across needy countries in the world, with Human Appeal as our chosen partners in this cause.

With a well already built in Bangladesh last year by the efforts of the Year 7, 10s, and the SRC, and now with Somalia and Kyrgyzstan already funded for, our eyes are set on building more wells in other parts of the world inshallah.