The weekend of 18-19 May highlighted the strong sense of co-operation and helpfulness that binds the Lebanese Muslim Association (LMA) community.

Australia’s oldest non-profit Islamic organisation, the Lakemba-based LMA owns three mosques, namely the iconic Ali Bin Abi Taleb Mosque in Lakemba (completed in 1977), and the Othman Bin Affan Mosque in Cabramatta and the Omar Ibn Khattab Mosque in Young, both established during the 1990’s.

Saturday 18 May saw high-ranking officials from LMA head office and Cabramatta Mosque make the journey to Young (known affectionately as Australia’s “Cherry Capital”) to visit the local mosque community.

Young Mosque was filled to capacity for Mohamed Hoblos’ lecture.

The visiting delegation also included prominent community figures Bilal El-Hayek and Gandhi Sindyan, who have both been dedicated supporters of the LMA for many, many years, particularly in its youth and school holiday programs space.

A highlight of the weekend was the presence at Young Mosque on the Saturday night of Brother Mohamed Hoblos, the renowned, inspirational guest speaker, and as always, his lecture attracted a huge gathering to the masjid.

Earlier in the day, the Young Mosque committee, led by  Abdullah Sultan, warmly welcomed LMA President Hafez Alameddine and Secretary Gamel Kheir and the other guests to the mosque complex.

Pictured from left: Abdullah Sultan, Salah Jindi, Salim Allouche, Hafez Alameddine, Bilal El-Hayek and Sheikh Mohamad Abdelzaher.

They provided a comprehensive tour of the new mosque construction site, a project that has received robust support from the current LMA board since their election into office two and a half years ago.

Gamel Kheir praised the progress of the Young Mosque committee, expressing pride in the hardworking and enthusiastic team.

“The progress of Young Mosque has been outstanding over the last couple of years,” Mr Kheir said.

“We are so proud of our team here; they are hard-working and enthusiastic.”

Salim Allouche, the LMA’s Religious Affairs Administrator, agreed.

“The Young Mosque volunteer team are a well-oiled machine, setting the benchmark and making history in regional New South Wales for Islam,” Mr Allouche said.

Hafez Alameddine echoed these sentiments, commending the Young team on their efforts.

“Well done to the team at Young, they are doing an incredible job,” Mr Alameddine said.

“Their Dawah efforts are amazing, and we constantly receive positive feedback from the community in Young and from people in Sydney who have family living in Young.”

The new mosque will significantly enhance the community’s facilities, quadrupling the prayer space and providing better bathroom facilities for sisters, as well as expanding the capacity for educational programs.

Work in progress….the sewer line at the Young Mosque property has been totally redirected to allow for the new construction.

Plans for further development include a new Islamic school on the mosque grounds.

Hafez Alameddine also took the opportunity to thank Young mosque officials and the local Muslim community for their warm hospitality over the weekend in question.

The visit emphasised the strong bonds of co-operation and mutual support that define the LMA’s relationship with its affiliated mosques.

It also highlights the shared commitment towards enhancing and supporting each community’s growth and development.

  • As Hafez Alameddine indicated, the Young Mosque team’s Dawah efforts are “amazing”. The Mosque consistently has a street Dawah stand in the heart of town, allowing members of the broader community to ask questions about Islam and get to know the team better. “Building infrastructure and facilities and improving the mosque is important, but we always ensure that our non-Muslim neighbours know that we are approachable, welcoming and ready to answer any questions they may have by being consistent in our street Dawah booth presence,” Abdullah Sultan pointed out. Young Mosque has also received positive attention by taking its online Dawah presence to the next level.
  • A small funding package approved by the LMA board for media and camera equipment has also been put to good use, with Young Mosque now able to produce cutting-edge content, all produced and edited in-house.

Latest plans for the new mosque project at Young, which is already underway.