The Music for Refugees organisation has formed a band to appear at the upcoming Scorcher Fest concert on Sunday 13 December. They will be joined by 13 other bands on the day which commences at midday. 

“It is quite an honour for us to be invited to play at this prestigious once-a-year festival” said band leader and CEO of Music for Refugees, Philip Feinstein. “It will be an excellent opportunity to have such a huge mixture of international people playing in the same band on the same stage.”

The musicians in the Music for Refugees band are Philip Feinstein – South Africa (Keyboard), Adriaan Mees – Holland (Guitar), Rob Bullen – Australia (Bass guitar), Carlos Garcia – Ecuador (Percussion/drums), Kazu Milne – Japan (Violin), Freddie Hill – England (Trumpet), Abdul Azimi – Afghanistan (Dumbura), Barrington Davis – England (Lead Vocal), Chelsea Sobel – Australia (Lead Vocal) and Altaf Hussain – Pakistan (Vocal).

“The music we will be performing is diverse and interesting” said Feinstein. Each of the 14 bands will perform for just over half-an-hour, making the day as diverse as the various genres on display. “We are scheduled to start playing at 6-30pm, which is a very civilised time” he commented.

P10_Philip Feinstein delivering presents at Villawood last year

The Music for Refugees organisation is renowned for helping asylum seekers and refugees as well as providing them with music instruments. With the imminent arrival of 12,000 Syrian refugees, they are gearing up to make some major instrument purchases. “The money made from the performance of Music for Refugees will go to this cause. Plus we will be buying Christmas presents for the kids at Villawood Detention Centre as well as the Children’s Hospital as we do every year” stated Feinstein. “We are hoping to see lots of refugee supporters at the festival.”

The Scorcher Fest will be held at The Valve Bar (Agincourt Hotel), corner George and Harris Streets, Ultimo on Sunday 13 December. Although the Music for Refugees performance commences at 6-30pm, people can attend for the full day if they wish. Tickets can be purchased from the Scorcher Fest website (click on Sydney to buy 2 tickets for $30). And where it asks for the ‘Band you want to support’, click on ‘Music for Refugees’.

Alternatively tickets can be purchased directly via [email protected] at $25 each.

Bearing in mind what is happening throughout the world at the moment, it is a good time to show support for asylum seekers and refugees no matter where they come from or what their backgrounds are. More information on Music for Refugees can be found at

“Please support us to help refugees” concluded Feinstein.