The 36th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran was celebrated in Sydney on Saturday 7 February. The event was organised by the World Ahlul Bayt Assembly Australia at the Civic Auditorium, Hurstville, South of Sydney.

The theme of the program was “The Vision of the Prophets” that looked at the Islamic Revolution of Iran from the viewpoint of Australian scholars.

The program started with Quran recitation by the popular Sydney Qari Mustafa Ashrafi, followed by the Australian and Iranian national anthems.

Haj Hussein al-Dirani, writer and community leader welcomed the guests and introduced the theme.

The keynote address was given by the chief guest His Excellency Dr Abdul Hussein Wahagi, the Iranian ambassador to Australia.

Dr Tim Anderson, economist and international political researcher from the University of Sydney spoke of the lessons leant from the Iranian Revolution particularly for those in the Middle East.

Sheikh Ahmed Hassan al- Junaidi, who spoke in Arabic, on the current conflict in Syria and Iraq and Iranian efforts towards resolving them.

Sheikh Michael Ghanem spoke of how the Islamic Revolution of Iran altered the political and strategic equation in the region with a better outcome for Muslims.

Sheikh Kamel Wehbe spoke of the philosophy behind the sending of the Divine Prophets. He quoted Quran Surah 3 Ale-Imran; verse 164 where Allah speaks about the philosophy behind sending of the prophets.

“The message of every prophet consisted of three dimensions: reciting revelations, purifying the people and teaching them the Book and Wisdom” he said.

The head of the National Syrian Party in Australia Mr Ahmed al-Ayoubi spoke of the friendship and partnership between Syria, Lebanon and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Jasbeer Musthafa, journalist and peace activist spoke on Imam Khomeini and Mahatma Gandhi: Reflections of common principles of non-violence in their respective leaderships

The well-known Sydney poet Mrs Souzan Aoun presented her Arabic poem lauding the Islamic revolution.

The program ended with evening prayers and refreshments.

Audience at the anniversary celebrations of the Islamic Revolution

Audience at the anniversary celebrations of the Islamic Revolution