The short film “Last Chance”, that hit the big screen in Sydney in October has generated a strong positive reaction specially from young people.

Audience were left in tears after the screening and gave 10 out of 10 for the unprecedented effort in Islamic film making. Many young people commented that the film had touched them personally.

It is being shown in other major cities in Australia in late October, November and December.

The film, created by OnePath Network, the Sydney based Islamic production studio, was written and directed by OnePath’s creative Director, Kamal Saleh, who is well known for his poetic da’wa on the network’s “Talk Islam” channel.

OnePath Network is a non-profit organisation is reaching across the world with its on-line content that includes talks, interviews, news, current affairs, community concerns and Islamic commentary on world events.

The film screening is accompanied by the powerful Muslim live speaker, Mohamed Hoblos, who many people know from his show on the network’s “Living Muslim” channel, and who is also a central figure in the film.

The plot in the film revolves around a young man, frustrated with his life and meagre means. His friends and family try to support him and help him find work, but he finds a seemingly easier way to make some fast money. His choices will have lasting effects on him and those around him.

According to OnePath General Manager, Ahmed Bassal, demand in the UK has been terrific, with many other European cities also requesting the film.

“We have been incredibly humbled and surprised by the global demand for the film, with the majority coming from the UK, Sweden, Norway and the USA”, He said.

Malaz Majanni, the network’s CEO, said, “It has been a very exciting time for us at the studio, it seems the whole world is just as excited about this project as we are”.

When asked why the film was so popular, Majanni replied, “I think the message is universal, this is not just something that Muslims face but non-Muslims also, we’ve had many non-Muslims attend and enjoy the film.

Use/click on the video link to see the audience’s reactions after seeing the film.


Earlier OnePath Network organised a VIP Dinner and Pre-Screening of  “Last Chance” on Thursday 13 October  at The Waterview, Sydney Olympic Park.

The highly successful event was addressed by One path founder Malaz Majanni, Ahmed Bassal, its General Manager and the Popular Sydney Islamic speaker Mohamed Hoblos who is one of the main cast in the movie.

With the motivation created by Mr Hoblos, the 300 strong young guests generously donated funds for this great community media initiative that shows community confidence in this non-profit organisation.

Representatives from the following sponsors of OnePath Network also attended the event:

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