A delegation representing Australians of Indian Muslim background attended and presented a submission to PM Modi at the reception and public gathering at Sydney Olympic Park organised in honour of Narendra Modi, PM of India during his short visit to Sydney on 17 November.

Unlike their counterparts in the US, the delegation decided to avoid the negative protest politics and engage the Prime Minister by delivering a positive submission in moving forwards towards a brighter future for India and promotion of peace and harmony in South Asia in general and within the Indian society in particular. The submission on several points addressed the concerns of the Muslim minority in India for its safety, security and empowerment.

Indian Muslims are not only the second largest community in the country but also the second largest Muslim population amongst the countries of the world, Indonesia being the first.

Mr Modi is the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Australia in 28 years. He left Australia in high spirits as he was not only cheered by 15000 strong crowd of Indians living in Sydney at a stadium usually played by rock stars but he also received very warm official welcome. He met leaders of the world’s major economies, became the first Indian Prime Minister to address the Australian Parliament and met various business leaders and other officials. He signed several bilateral agreements as both sides made many more promises for future business relations between the two countries.

There were a few protesters at the Olympic Park where Indian Prime Minister attended the grand reception organised by Indian Australian Community Forum headed by Dr Nihal Agar of Hindu Council of Australia.

PM Modi made an extempore speech for one and a half hour in Sydney that was highly engaging, positive, inclusive, intelligent with a great sense of humour. He talked about India moving forward, the initiatives he has taken and evidence of their implementation in his short track record as PM and what Australians of Indian origins can do for India and vice versa.

He spoke in English at the Australian Parliament House in Canberra on 18 November and managed to capture repeated applause from MPs and a few hundred Indians in the gallery.

Many BJP activists among Australian Indians worked tirelessly over previous three weeks for putting up the grand show for their leader and the nation’s Prime Minister. Indian Australian Community forum brought together many small and major Indian associations who staged several cultural shows to make it a memorable event.

On the other hand, the protesters blamed Modi for hurting the cause of minorities in India including his failure to prevent riots in Gujarat in 2002.

Read the submission here