Brothers In Need has launched their Cooking for a cause – Soup kitchen campaign to continue providing nutritious meals to some of the most disadvantaged people in our local community.

We do this by preparing and cooking freshly made meals and desserts in partnership with the Culinary School, located in Sydney, Australia. We then pack and distribute the delicious meals to those who would otherwise go without food.

Alhamdulillah, the food packs give these brothers and sisters the opportunity to eat the equivalent of a home-cooked meal just like the rest of us.

Through this project we are able to support people from the homeless community, those from low-income families, the unemployed, people from non-English speaking backgrounds, the elderly and refugees.

In line with Islamic tradition, it is most important to help those in need locally (after one takes care of themselves and family) and that’s what we do here at Brothers in Need.

So jump on board, lets go brothers and sisters, help us reach our target of 50,000 dollars by clicking that donate button today.


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