What does it say about a society that mainstreams the killing and silencing of Palestinians?

Unless you’ve been away from the internet in the last eight + months, you won’t have missed the litany of Israeli soldiers posting photos and videos celebrating mass destruction, humiliation and death in Gaza and the West Bank.

Here’s just one recent example:

There’s an entire culture within Israel and its army of shamelessly sharing the most extreme ways of targeting Palestinians. Insta-Genocide.

This isn’t the work of a few bad apples or fringe of the Israeli military. Instead, it’s embedded within the state itself. Decades of dehumanising Palestinians and victimhood have led the Jewish state to this low point.

As courageous Israeli journalist and author Gideon Levy recently wrote:

In Israelis’ wallowing and victimhood; in endless self-righteous panels on TV; in cries about an antisemitic world and the injustice of bundling Israel with Hamas, there’s one fundamental, fateful question missing: Did Israel commit war crimes in Gaza? No one dares deal with this critical, key question: Were there, or were there not, crimes?

Although there are other armies in history who documented their crimes (think the US at Abu Ghraib in Iraq), there’s never been such an extensive number of soldiers proudly sharing so much extreme genocidal content for the world to see.

As a result, Israeli society and its blind Western supporters need to be deradicalised and forced (by economic boycotts, sanctions and divestment) to understand that Jewish supremacy and endless occupation are a sickness in desperate need of a cure.

Republished from ANTONY LOEWENSTEIN, Substack, June 18, 2024.