Remember what theme parks were like when you were a kid?

The thrill of walking through the front gates, the excitement of which ride to choose first! The vibrant colours, smells and sounds, and the exhilarating thrill as both fear and adrenaline coursed through you from the experience.

Memories like that are priceless for kids (big and small) and this is exactly why Crescent Wealth Islamic Super & Investments chose to host their first Eid festival for the Melbourne community at Luna Park on a sunny Sunday 10 September 2017.

Crescent Wealth Eid @ Luna Park Melbourne was a wonderful event alive with the bubbly sounds of excited laughter and the screams of joy from thousands of festival goers young, and young at heart.

It was another showcase of Australia at its finest with people of all cultures and faiths coming to enjoy a day out together at one of Australia’s most iconic sites.

It’s the first time that such an event has taken place on this scale for Eid at Luna Park Melbourne, selling out within days.

Crescent Wealth ensured almost any family could come by offering a whopping 60% OFF regularly priced Luna Park tickets for unlimited rides!

There were custom Eid day maps, multiple private prayer and wudu/wash facilities for both men and women, catered Halal food at Luna Park outlets, Eid showbags, community stalls with henna, face painting, calligraphy and artworks, performances by live Dhol drummers and Turkish marching bands, and the Azaan (call to prayer) over the speakers inviting guests to take a short break from the fun for a spiritual calling.

It was a fantastical festival of delights open to all patrons thanks to the warm hospitality of Luna Park and we hope Crescent Wealth will host it again for years to come.

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