A multiethnic Muslim group are holding a fundraising dinner on Sunday 8 October to raise funds to build a Mosque in the Sydney Hills District to provide for the growing Islamic community in the area, a project that has been in the making.

The Hills District Muslim Society (HDMS) have only now been able to secure a five-acre site, perfect for the many purposes that the community would like to utilise the property for.

The 2016 census recorded approximately twelve thousand Muslims in the Hills District, otherwise known as the ‘Bible Belt’ because of the abundance of churches in the area.

Member and leader of the HDMS Hamed Baqaie spoke about the importance of having a fixed area for worship rather than having to move to and from multiple temporary locations.

“Finally, we can call a place home. We don’t have to pack and unpack for our prayers and events anymore. During Ramadan, we had to furnish the halls for Taraweeh every night and pack it up after each prayer. For Jumuah, we are still doing the same. Anytime the council can stop us from praying, which will leave us without a place to pray.”

When asked about the fundraising dinner, Baqaie said, “People should expect a beautiful meal in a beautiful establishment. It is the coming together of the Muslim community from different walks of life but with one desire in their hearts. To establish a place for prayer in The Hills area.”

There has been no opposition to the establishment of the Mosque, instead there has been strong community support through which three million dollars has been raised. A further one million dollars is expected to be raised during the event.

“Our kids that are born and raised here deserve to have a place of worship amongst the rest of the community. They don’t deserve to be pushed to an industrial area because that is the only place a mosque will be approved.”

The event will be sponsored by local Muslim businesses and will be conducted by the well-known auctioneer from Queensland, Mr Hussin Goss, who is coming specifically for the night.

You can buy your tickets now by contacting one of the Brothers or Sisters on the flyer above.