If I were asked if I could meet anyone in the world- I’d choose Khader Adnan, “Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un.”

Khader Adnan, 45, was murdered by the Jewish State of Israel in an Israeli prison on Tuesday 2 May 2023. But to this Palestinian resistance fighter there was no prison able to confine his integrity, his moral power and his freedom to resist.

Khader Adnan was subjected to 12 arrests including his second arrest as a Birzeit University student, by Israel’s proxy police, the Palestinian Authority, for his protesting the French FM who referred to Palestinian resistance as ‘terrorism’ despite knowing that it is legal, in international law, for all people under oppression to have the right to resist.

In his hometown, Jenin, Khader Adnan became the spokesperson for the spirit of resistance of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement committed to restore the State of Palestine held, now over 7 decades, under Israeli brutal occupation.

Imprisonment by Israel is state terrorism: prisoners suffer torture, inhumane conditions, and the violation of their legal rights by administrative detention in which prisoners are indefinitely held without charges and denied lawyers.

Nonetheless, each of the 12 arrests Khader Adnan suffered, every violation of his and fellow-prisoners rights, he grew in stature and determination.

Ironically the source of his sustaining energy to stand against injustice, was the injustice itself and something we all have, the profound capacity to care for others.

Thus, it is not a coincidence that Khader was a baker: spiritually, bread is a blessing from Allah especially gifting the holy month of fasting and alms-giving.

In prison, Khader gave all he had as alms, his body and Truth, to gift to justice.

In 2012, he gifted a 66 day non-violent hunger strike.

In 2014-5 a 56 day non-violent hunger strike and

On the 87th day of his final non-violent hunger strike he was murdered by intentional Israeli medical neglect; this is one of the Israeli hands-off homicidal ‘weapons’ like the too common murder of bleeding to death of Palestinians wounded because of the intentional denial of ambulance access.

Some may say Khader died for justice. Truth is Israel killed him. We know Khader LIVED for justice for his wife Randa Mousa, for his 9 children, for all Palestinian children, mothers, and fathers.

He lived for Palestine.