Members of the Indian community living in Australia have been vilified as Hinduphobic, anti-Hindu and subject to beheading threats by Hindutva hate groups. 

“Our hatred knows no bounds”. Who would have thought that these words spoken by Simon Bolivar in the early 1800s will be played out by a group of Hindutva thugs in 2022 in Melbourne.

It all started with Australian Hindu Media taking offence to Halal food being served at an Indian restaurant, a cocktail named Indian bride, and a mural of Gods sharing a meal in suburban Melbourne.

Soon pictures of the owner were shared on Australian Hindu Media’s Facebook page, Twitter handles and across various Facebook groups.

People were urged to give a fake one-star rating to the restaurant, soon one member of the group under a fake handle Sonu Singla started circulating private photos of the couple and disgusting comments like the owner’s wife is for sale were cheered by the mob.

The restaurant was flooded with calls of violent physical threats including calls of beheading. Anyone who took a stand for them was termed anti-Hindu and Hinduphobic.

One Facebook user called out the hate and misogynistic comments made by the users. In return, she was bombarded with a torrent of abuse and threats.

Her work information was shared on Twitter and details of her Facebook post and people she tagged were also shared by Bharti Kundal, from Australian Hindu Media, a known hate monger on Twitter.

Very soon she was labelled as a member of  ‘sar tan se juda’ (beheading) gang. She was called Hinduphobic for one of her old Facebook posts where she had raised the rape issue and was termed as anti-Hindus by these goons.

In another instance, a couple decided to visit the restaurant for a bite. They checked in on Facebook and posted stating the place has a good vibe and the food is great.

Their pictures were instantly shared by a fake profile in a Facebook group called Indians In Melbourne – Official. The group has close to 50,000 members and is run by Amit Singh Jadaun.

Just before the pictures were shared, however, the couple was removed and blocked by the group admin thus raising suspicion that the fake handle is run by Amit Singh Jadaun himself.

The group Indians in Melbourne – Official is known to make regular calls of genocide and violence against Sikhs and Muslims. It is a shame that Amit Singh Jadaun who runs the group sits on the Victorian Multicultural Commission Board.

It is suspected that the group has lot of fake handles managed by Amit Singh Jadaun himself to amplify hate against minority groups.

The couple since then had received many violent threats. When they were informed about their pictures being shared in the group by another friend they changed the privacy setting on their pictures so people outside their friends could not see them.

The hate group celebrated it as a victory with Bharti Kundal calling it as him running away and deleting the pictures.

She even put up tweets telling people about the profession of the couple. In one tweet her followers called them Khalistani, a slang used by Hindutva groups to abuse Sikhs or people from Punjab region. It must be noted that the couple is neither from the region of Punjab nor are part of any separatist movement.

As if that was not enough they used people in India to post pictures of the couple on Twitter with the husband’s face replaced with that of a pig and the wife’s with that of a female dog. They also tagged Tajindar Bagga, a member of the Indian BJP party on the post.

Tajindar Bagga recently attacked the office of the Chief Minister of Delhi and is currently out on bail. One of the partners amongst the couple is from Delhi and now fears for the safety of their family in India. In one message there were also threats that they will find the family members in India and beat them.

Another message from one of the group members called them Hiranyakshapa, a demon in Indian Mythology and asked people to show them the ‘Virat roop’. In Indian mythology, Lord Vishnu, slew Hiranyakashyapa with his bare hands by ripping his heart out in his ‘Virat roop’. This was a clear call for murder.

Fearing the safety of his family, the husband has since been unable to go out. Thus impacting his ability to earn livelihood for his family.

Many complaints have been made to both local and Federal Police. However, no action has been taken yet against these goons.

Who would have thought that a country like Australia which embraces diversity and love will be hijacked by a handful of Hindutva goons who claim to be protectors of religion?

It must be noted here that Hindutva is not Hinduism, a religion followed by the majority of people from India.

Hopefully just like hate has no boundaries, love too has no boundaries and we shall find a way to bring justice to these thugs and let love and peace prosper again in this beautiful land.