It has been almost a month since the disappearance of the Saudi journalist Mr Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul with mystery surrounding the case with truth still to come out.

Initially, the Saudi government claimed that he did enter the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on Tuesday 2 October but left alive after getting his paperwork done.

But after failing to sell this blatant lie and with media leaks by Turkish authorities of evidence of murder within the consulate, the Saudis announced that Mr Khashoggi was dead, much later admitting that he was killed by a Saudi hit squad.

The month long saga involving the murder of Khashoggi is extremely bizarre and involves cover-ups not only by Saudi regime but also the Turkish authorities releasing the truth in trickles and the US government led by Trump giving contradicting statements in spite of privy to intelligence in this matter.

It seems that all the three actors heavily involved in this saga in different ways namely Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman (MBS), Turkish President Tayyib Erdogan and US President Donald Trump are still withholding the truth while safeguarding their own interests.

The Saudis in a most incompetent way first made a wholesale denial of the murder and then restricted the investigation of the crime blocking the enforcement of justice, by delaying for 17 days, entry to the Saudi consulate by Turkish authorities.

It was funny but cruel as to how, all the authoritarian Arab regimes together with their controlled media outlets, for weeks parroted the Saudi denial and repeated the lies being told by the Saudi regime, in blind support.

There is reason to believe that MBS considered Khashoggi’s mildly critical writings of Saudi regime published in US media, a thorn in his self perceived image of “the darling of the West” and decided to neutralise him.

Critics of MBS have described him as a combination of Saddam Hussain and Colonel Ghaddafi for accumulating power and not tolerating any form of dissent inside or outside of Saudi Arabia.

Lately, the Saudi policies have created havoc in the whole of Middle East.

The peaceful Arab spring in Syria against the brutal Baathist regime of Assad was hijacked and turned into an armed conflict by the Saudis supplying arms to the Syrian opposition groups.

Saudis sponsored and financed the killing of democracy in Egypt removing an elected government and installation of a military dictatorship who have killed thousands and imprisoned tens of thousands of people during the last five years.

MBS has developed close relationship with Israeli leaders and with Trump and his cohorts undermining the cause of the Palestinian people.

The brutal war with Yemen has taken a high toll on human misery, in obsession of competing with Iranian influence in the region.

MBS has been instrumental in putting a number of Saudis, royal family members, businessmen, scholars and intellectuals in prison who have tried to raise their voice or are considered his enemies.

MBS has portrayed himself as a young reformer attempting to modernise Saudi Arabia. But modernisation is not only about building cities, tourist resorts, roads, cinema halls and industries, but good governance including freedoms, safeguarding of human rights, sharing of power, rule of law and security of life and property for all Saudis.