The Melbourne based Al Siraat College held its Junior School Exhibition 2016 on Friday 9 September at the school campus with the theme “Our Global Village”.

The Exhibition welcomed both the school community and the community at large. Consistent with the school’s application of Inquiry Learning, the exhibition displayed and celebrated the achievements of the Junior School students in the Inquiry Unit of Work with a focus on Geography.

The Exhibition is an annual event at Al Siraat with a different learning focus each year.  The students are able to apply the Inquiry process right through to sharing and celebrating their findings.

The event included beautiful nasheeds by Year 5 girls and Year 2 students, Qur’an recital by Ustadh Ahmad Hachem and speeches made by members of the leadership team of Al Siraat School.

Esma Sure Yoldas, 6, Class 1B with her younger sister Nisa Gul Yoldas, 2 at the “Our Global Village” Exhibition at Al Siraat College.

Esma Sure Yoldas, 6, Class 1B with her younger sister Nisa Gul Yoldas, 2 at the “Our Global Village” Exhibition at Al Siraat College.

The Head of Junior School, Ms Shahidah Osman, School Principal, Mr Andrew Houghton and School Principal – Islamic Tradition and co-founder of Al Siraat College, Ms Rahat Arain addressed the audience.

Ms Rahat Arain welcomed everyone in “sharing in the vision to invest in the learning of our children”.

All students from Foundation to Year 6 took part in preparing the exhibition displays and demonstrated them to all who attended.

Al Siraat leadership strive to be a transformative school community devoted to holistic learning.

In line with this mission, Mr Houghton, as the Principal of Al Siraat and a member of Independent Schools of Australia, earlier this year paved the way for all staff at Al Siraat College to complete two units through Harvard University “Making Learning Visible and Visible Thinking”.

This was a collaborative initiative between Harvard University’s Project Zero and the Independent Schools of Australia.


There’s an unmistakeable feeling of being welcomed into a wonderfully cohesive community when you enter the gates at Al Siraat College on the outskirts of Melbourne’s north.

There’s never a dull moment here with parent seminars, community events, exhibitions, celebrations, guest speakers, various literacy and sports based challenges and fundraisers throughout the year.

The school offers every opportunity for meaningful interactions amongst students, parents, teachers and the wider community.