The annual Eid Al-Adha Celebration Dinner was held on Friday 23 September at the Western Sydney University, Bankstown Campus.

It was the 3rd annual Spirit of Sacrifice Dinner hosted by the School of Humanities and Communication Arts at UWS, an initiative of Dr Jan Ali, Senior Lecturer in Islam & Modernity.

The event was attended by a large number of people from all walks of life including students and academics, school teachers and administrators, community leaders and Imams, politicians and police officers as well as media representatives.

The dinner was preceded by speeches in the huge lecture theatre and the Maghreb prayer had to be offered in several installments due to tiny facilities at the Musallah for prayers at the UWS Bankstown campus.

Dr Jan Ali welcomed the guests and introduced the various courses and their contents being offered by School of Humanities and Communication Arts at UWS.

The main speaker at the event was Sheikh Ahmed Abdo who spoke extempore on the issue of sacrifice in general and then traced the specific historical background on the celebration of Eid Al-Adha tracing it back to legacy Prophet Ibrahim (a).

He pointed out how Prophet Ibrahim (a) titled Khalil, friend of Allah was connected with Muslim pillars of Salat, Zakat and Haj, all parts of a journey of sacrifice in a Muslim’s life.

Sheikh Ahmad Abdo said that the spirit of sacrifice meant cleaning one’s heart from the corruption of power and wealth. He said that Charity or the act of giving did not mean losing anything, but purification and gain.

At the end of the formal program, the guests were treated with lavish dinner tasting Indo-Pakistani cuisine prepared by Khan Baba Catering.