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Controlling your temper

Temper is when something you don’t like happens to you, the Shatan uses that to anger you. When you become angry perform wudu, anger is from Shatan, Shatan was created from fire, fire is extinguished only with water. A Companion...

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Allah’s Creations

Allah is the centre of the Qur’an and Islam, as it’s reflected in the Islamic testament of Faith, “There is no God but Allah.” He is Rabb al-Alamin, Lord of all the Worlds—Human, Animals, the Earth, the Universe, Angels,...

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Keeping the Promise

By Esa Adnan, 8 years old, Sydney Allah says “O you who believe, why do say that which you do not do? It is hateful to Allah that you should say that which you do not do” Once there was a Shepherd and he was talking his sheep to...

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