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Reflections on leadership through service

Over a period of four days in late August, the 2018 National Student Leadership Forum brought together 200 young people from across the country to Canberra in order to explore the intersection of leadership, faith and values. The purpose was simple; to instruct and inspire young people on what it means to be a leader. The overarching theme was the exploration of how leaders across politics, business, activism and entrepreneurship navigate their faith and values in their professional lives. I found the openness of discussing faith and spirituality to be rather refreshing in our secular times. I was inspired...

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Be The Change: Solutions Focused Youth Summit

  Shifa Institute held a “Solutions Focused Youth Summit” in Sydney on Saturday 23 June 2018 at the Rydges Hotel, Bass Hill. The Summit captured the most exciting, innovative and creative ideas of young people in NSW. More than 50 Youth were brought together to be challenged to put their innovation caps on and to solve some of the pressing issues in society around four key areas. These included: Science and Technology, Environment, Education and Social Issues. The theme of the Summit was “BE THE CHANGE”. The Summit was funded by the NSW Government, with over 50 young attendees aged between 9 and 24 years. The day was opened by Sheikh...

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PM invites youth for Eid celebrations

The Prime Minister, Mr Malcolm Turnbull MP  held a multi-faith Eid  morning tea celebration, inviting 14 young people to the Parliament House in Canberra on Monday 18 June 2018. The event was organised by PM&C and MC’ed by Mr Ridwaan Jadwat, Ambassador Designate to Saudi Arabia. It was a great honour for me along with other youth and parents, to attend this Eid celebration at Parliament House, Canberra. The Prime Minister was generous with his time, affording us the opportunity to converse with him for an intimate 30 mins. He praised Australia’s multicultural success story, highlighting it as to be the best...

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Can you hear the Morning Owl Hoot?

The end of 2017 brought a lot of joy for residents in Auburn, with the opening of the new, “Morning Owl.” A group of brothers decided that the community needed to catch up with the growing brunch trend and opened an exciting café, providing a halal-friendly environment for customers. The manicured garden captures the attention, as seating is placed outdoors amongst beautiful plants and trees creating a warm and natural atmosphere. Occasionally a friend pops in, the African Grey parrot and monitors customers to ensure they enjoy their food. The simple yet creative menu is renowned for its organic...

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Qartaba Homes: The Australian dream of home ownership

It was once a common Australian aspiration to be able to own your personal home, the Australian dream of home ownership. However, this long-held aspiration is diminishing as the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) reported that Australia’s housing affordability issue might continue for decades to come, with too much demand and increasing supply problems, causing a housing crisis. Qartaba Homes has emerged as an innovative way of aiding Australians by reviving the Australia dream of home ownership through an “interest-free” alternative to the mortgage-based system that exists currently. Established in late 2010, Qartaba Homes has successfully delivered...

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