Author: Bilal Cleland

Dateline Jerusalem and the extremist Australian pro-Israel lobby

John Lyons, one of the most distinguished journalists in the country, presents numerous examples of the extreme positions taken by the local Israeli lobbyists which are out of sync with what the actual mainstream of the Israeli security and informed political leadership admits.

While in Jerusalem, he was told by a senior IDF officer, that “…he believed that it could be argued that the lobby in Australia had more influence in its country ‘pound for pound’ than any other.”

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Government support on Israel/US position on Gaza harming Australia

In Australia where a large proportion of the Muslim population has traditionally supported the Labor Party for its defence of multiculturalism and its more positive attitude to the well being of the community, we were deeply shocked and felt betrayed by the refusal of Australia to support a humanitarian truce in the UN General Assembly vote 28 October 2023.
Despite the obvious lies coming out of the Israeli propaganda mill about looking after civilians while massacring them, and proclaiming that support for Palestinian rights is anti-Semitic, the erstwhile respected Minister for Foreign Affairs suspended aid to UNWRA on Israeli claims that it was employing terrorists

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Israel and its lobbying power exposed

“Years from now, social historians may think of Oct. 7, 2023 as the beginning of a U.S. popular movement against oppressive and manipulative domestic forces, like AIPAC ….” [WRMEA]

Even the New York Times warns Biden could lose Michigan for his support to Netanyahu and that would cost him office. [24 February 2023 NYT]

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