Author: Bilal Cleland

Racism: A sickness in Western culture

In 1935 “Non-Britishers in Australia: Influence on Population and Progress” had a foreword by the leading history scholar of the time, Ernest Scott.
“ The ideological basis of the “modern emphasis upon race is due largely to the writings of the French Count Gobineau. That philosopher contended: “The history of mankind proves that the destinies of people are governed by a racial law. Neither irreligion, no immorality, no luxurious living, nor weakness of government causes the decadence of civilisations. If a nation goes down, the reason is that its blood, the race itself is deteriorating.”

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The religious freedom bill and bigotry

Religious bigotry directed at the Muslim community leads to the alienation which rejects all statements from authorities as reflecting bigoted agendas.
Such alienation may be one of the factors behind the death rates so recently revealed
“..those who were born in North Africa and the Middle East were about 10 times more likely to die from the virus than those born in Australia — after age was accounted for.”[17 Feb 2022 ABC News ]

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The reality behind the colonial myth

Since the Second World War colonialism has retreated but could still be see most starkly into the 1990s in apartheid South Africa and today in the colonial settler movement in Palestine.

Nowadays the high priests of the image of Western Civilisation, funded by such sources of enlightenment as minerals and fossil fuel companies, tirelessly promote the myth of adherence to human rights, freedom of speech and democracy, as markers of the high point of human social evolution, which they claim to monopolise.

Various vehicles of this school of thought declare the superiority of their way of life over “the other” of primitive lifestyles and ethnicities found amongst the indigenous people of their own communities or in the “Third World.”

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Keeping up with the virus Australia

NSW Health Minister Hazzard predicted 25,000 cases a day by January 2022 at the same time the Premier was announcing the abolition of control measures.

Norman Swan, host of RN’s Health Report, co-host of Coronacast & commentator on ABC TV’s 7.30 tweeted on 24 December suggesting that this figure of 25,000 is already with NSW.
“In the US last year the underdiagnosis rate ranged from 7-10. So let’s take a fair midpoint, say 5. That’s 5×5000 = 25,000. Let’s take last year’s rate (3) and it’s still 15,000 a day. That’s why if you live in Sydney, by now you know someone who’s got or had COVID.”

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