Norman Finkelstein, a son of holocaust survivors is an American political scientist, researcher specialised in holocaust and Israel-Palestine conflict.

He observed and sensed the trauma and its repercussions in his life and in life of his parents who were directly influenced by Hitler-led genocide in Europe.

Norman’s parents migrated to United States from Europe later on. They were called as greenhorns, a term freely used in 1960’s and 1970’s in US for those people who were unaware of American’s social expectations and its norms.

He was raised as a believer on freedom of human rights and values in context of Holocaust impact on both Jewish and non-Jewish generations.

Norman has witnessed his parents as fierce advocates of righteousness, justice and equality which he himself kept showing in his academic, social and personal circles while growing in America.

Raised as an academician, he became a voice of the vulnerable and weak under the hegemonic control of powerful Zionist circles around the globe who were frequently using catastrophe of Holocaust as an excuse to inflict tyranny on Palestinians in their land.

It required courage for Norman being a Jew and a son of Holocaust survivors to confront, accuse and condemn people from his own background and conviction.

With time, he discerned that a Jewish cohort is extracting extreme hatred out of powerlessness (concentration camp experiences) and greed out of scarcity that Jews have witnessed and survived is now taking upon the path of Zionism as a means of existence and affirmation.

The ideology of Zionism believes in massacring, killing, sabotaging, rampaging non-Jewish people of all ages and background to illegally occupy Palestine, turning it into Israel and eventually protecting its right of existence by all means in the name of Judaism and its religious values.

Norman started writing against Zionism and spent his 42 years of life expressing his detest, and anger on people committing injustices and oppression of Palestinians.

According to him, this is a war of inequity. On one hand, the pro-Palestinian narrative is weaker, unsupported and aloof while on the other hand, the pro-Israel narrative is well supported by world leaders and robustly backed by powerful countries.

His advocacy has condemned the mainstream media, stating that it has never highlighted the pro-Palestinian discourse but always stressed the expressions of powerful which consolidate the existing influence of capitalism, neoliberal economic structure and upholding the post-modern centralisation of monetary fundamentalism.

Norman calls it ‘selective perspective’, ‘skewed lens’ and ‘polarized view’, although he has written several books on Palestine but only “The Holocaust Industry” made into a substantial sale.

He was exhilarated when Hamas retaliated on Saturday 7  October, 2023 as he was amongst those few global scholars (like Chris Hedges, Illan Pappe and Gabor Matè) who knew what was happening in Palestine since 1967.

Norman should be appreciated for resiliently writing about Zionism-led atrocities which include killing the native people, grabbing their land, extending settlement areas, playing the victim card, spreading propaganda, influencing mainstream electronic media and social media shaping mindset of people to think about Jews in reference with Holocaust only which would eventually make it easy for them to ignore their crimes and brutalities against helpless, weak and powerless indigenous people of Palestine.