Coalition of Muslim Student Association in Australia (CoMSAA) stands as the only national network of its kind, offering a platform for MSAs to connect, collaborate, and share insights. This initiative aims to foster a supportive environment where MSAs can learn from, lean on, and uplift each other.

The response from our MSAs has been phenomenal with over 25 universities already joining since the release in April 2024 where the Australian Community Development Program (ACDP) have run two programs with guest speakers addressing the MSAs.

A summary of the programs is as follows:

Professor Mohamad Abdalla (Director of Centre for Islamic Thought and Education, CITE) joined us for an online meeting with the MSAs on Sunday 12 May 2024. He discussed the opportunities of joining an organization during university and the power of having Muslim students come together to bring about change.

A key highlight from Professor Abdalla’s reflections was that Muslims have the resources and skills to create true impact, but lack organised movement.

Dr H Kasim (Advocate, Community Leader and Medical Professional) and Sr R J Markewell (Solicitor and Advocate) came online as guest speakers on Sunday 19 May 2024.

The topic of discussion was around advocacy, Rights and Responsibilities, it was an interactive session to gain knowledge and find merits in advocacy exclusively from the experts.

CoMSAA is committed to shaping the future of MSA engagement and support by working together to build a stronger, more connected community.

It aims to uplift student organizations through the facilitation of the following objectives:

  • Supporting a united voice and providing representation for an overwhelming Muslim student population across Australia.
  • Strengthen the ties between Muslim students across Australian Universities.
  • Advocate for faith based special needs on and off campus.
  • Legal representation of student issues.
  • Guidance to students, including new arrivals to Australia.
  • Community integration support.
  • Assistance with accommodation and jobs (two primary needs for every university student).
  • Migration assistance for international students.
  • Establish a robust social network to assist with student’s mental and physical wellbeing.
  • Establish a Muslimah chapter alongside MSA at every university so that the sisters can comfortably seek support.

To learn more about the ACDP and their impactful initiatives or to register your interest, visit their website (fill out their registration form) and join their transformative journey towards a positive change.

Together, let us foster inclusivity, empower individuals and shape a more equitable and compassionate society.