Eid is a divine gift from Allah.

With it, Allah shares His love, mercy, blessings, forgiveness and good news for Paradise with His beloved servants. Eid is a comprehensive sharing program with divine guidance, and its benefits is beyond ordinary. Now, the question is, what do we share with others during Eid Ul Adha? For our reminder, I would like to list a few below:

Sharing of dua: In Eid Salah, dua is made for the Ummah, and for the humanity. Dua is shared generously wishing for the best of all. Isn’t it a noble sharing?

Sharing of wishes: The unselfish wish for everyone is an important aspect in Eid. Billions of believers share their best wish saying, “Eid Mubarak.” It means the wish is for increased (Blessed/Barakah) joy in this life and beyond in the paradise. Isn’t it a far-reaching wellness sharing?

Sharing of joy:  Eid brings a priceless joy in the hearts of the believers. This joy is divine as it comes from Allah. Eid joy cannot be purchased in the shopping centre or in the pharmacy. Then, this divine joy spreads from one to another faster than electricity. It is expressed with wishes, smiles, hugs and in many other forms. What a wonderful joy sharing!

Sharing of Love: Eid motivates believer’s hearts to be filled with pure love for one another for the sake of Allah only. Love between believers is a condition to enter to Paradise. Believers practice that pure love with one another with sincere hearts, wishes one another the continuous happiness, and feel the nobility in their hearts by sharing love for one another unconditionally for the love of Allah. Then their loving hearts extends for the fellow humans.

Sharing of compassion: Believers share forgiveness to one another during Eid. They offer forgiveness to give and receive happiness with the hope that they will be happy from the forgiveness from Merciful Allah. Eid sharing joins hearts together for the love of Allah because it reminds them that they are the servants of Allah who is the Most Compassionate.

Sharing of meat: In Eid Ul Adha, believers share Qurbani meat with families, friends, relatives and neighbours as a token of care and responsibility to look after one another. Meat sharing represents love sharing as a sign of social cohesiveness and harmony.

Sharing of food: Eid is celebrated with nice foods, and it is shared with loved ones and with others. Food brings hearts together in unity, and it wins hearts to share peace among them. With foods, believers also share gifts to spread the divine joyful gift of Eid.

In summary, the more we think about the sharing in Eid, the more we become thankful to Allah for guiding us towards His divine path that guarantees peace and joy in this life, and in the Paradise in the next life.