In a statement issued on Monday 1 July from Senator Fatima Payman’s  office, she said that the Prime Minister has suspended her indefinitely from The Australian Labor Party caucus after her meeting with him on Sunday 30 June in Canberra.

“I have lost all contact with my caucus colleagues. I have been removed from caucus meetings, committees, internal group chats, and whips bulletins. I have been exiled.”

“These actions lead me to believe that some members are attempting to intimidate me into resigning from the Senate.”

“As a result, I will abstain from voting on Senate matters for the remainder of the week, unless a matter of conscience arises where I’ll uphold the true values and principles of the Labor Party.”

“I will use this time to reflect on my future and the best way to represent the people of Western Australia.”

Senator Payman has been punished by Labor for her strong conscientious stand on Palestine, her criticism of Israeli genocide of Palestinians in Gaza and her advocacy for the recognition of the state of Palestine by Australia.

In a swift move a Joint community statement regarding Prime Minister’s decision in relation to Senator Fatima Payman
was released on Monday 1 July by the Muslim community, including peak bodies and political, legal, mosque and community organisations, critical of targeting of Senator Payman by the PM Anthony Albanese in a ‘desperate attempt to save face for failing to decisively speak against genocide and the killing of more than 40,000 Palestinians.

“Australians and millions across the world demand decisive action in the form of sanctions and an immediate stop to weapons trade and training. Australia is currently undertaking war games with the United States and Israel.  Australia also just removed checks on defence exports to the USA and the UK, which both are key weapons suppliers to Israel,” the statement reads.

“The Australian Labor Party must echo the voices of the people it represents. This fundamental principle of representation has been abandoned in an effort to protect their positions. Party politics has clearly been allowed to dominate the voices of the people.”

“We call on Labor to recognise Palestinian statehood and implement military sanctions on Israel immediately.”