Over 1,500 mainly young Muslims gathered at Lakemba Mosque on Friday 24 May for a special Youth Night where Mohamed Hoblos delivered a powerful lecture, which held the attention of the audience from start to finish.

Inspirational guest speakers such as Mohamed Hoblos have become a driving force behind the Lebanese Muslim Association’s special events over the past 12 months, attracting remarkable crowds of young people, eager to listen and learn.

Mr Hoblos has been one of a number of ‘stand outs’ for his ability to draw and engage large audiences.

Regardless of the venue, his messages resonate deeply with those in attendance, leaving a lasting impression.

Another example of this was just six days prior to his appearance at Lakemba, when on Saturday, 18 May, Mohamed Hoblos spoke at the LMA’s Young Mosque, addressing another packed masjid.

Whilst his appearances are notable for their ability to attract remarkable crowds at a variety of venues, Mohamed Hoblos’ combination with Australia’s most iconic masjid Lakemba Mosque has proven irresistible in recent times.

His past two visits alone to the Wangee St venue have amassed almost 4,500 people.

This time last year, his Youth Night at the LMA’s other mosque at Cabramatta also filled the masjid to capacity, with an estimated 800 mainly young Muslims in attendance.

Cabramatta Mosque was ‘packed to the rafters’ for Mohamed Hoblos’ lecture on 14 July 2023.















LMA Religious Affairs Administrator, Salim Allouche, highlighted the significance of these large attendances.

“We always say that it’s not about the numbers but about the quality of the speakers and the messages they convey,” Mr Allouche told AMUST.

“But the huge crowds at lectures delivered by Brother Mohamed Hoblos and many of our other guest speakers over the past year or so are a throwback to the kind of audiences which were more common at similar events at Lakemba Mosque 20, 30 and even 40 years ago.”

“The LMA’s “Back to the Mosque” campaign, initiated by our board of directors, has been pivotal in rejuvenating community engagement, particularly at Lakemba Mosque but also at our other masjids.”

LMA Secretary and spokeman Gamel Kheir commented: “This Back to the Mosque campaign, of which the LMA board has been the driving force, has seen a revival of interest in mosque activities and events, reminiscent of past decades when such gatherings were a regular occurrence, attended by our parents and even our grandparents.”

“The success of this campaign is of course largely due to the calibre of the speakers whom the LMA has been able to attract through its networks.”

“Besides Mohamed Hoblos, invited guest speakers like Nouman Ali Khan, Sheikh Abu Bakr Zoud, Sami Hamdy and The Sunnah Guy have delivered messages that resonate strongly with our community, especially our youth.”

More than 10,000 people attended Nouman Ali Khan’s Lakemba Mosque presentation on 27 October last year.

“These events provide young Muslims with the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, forge lifelong friendships and gain valuable knowledge from renowned speakers whom they might have only seen online previously.”

“It is also important to point out that these guest speakers, in addition to taking time out of their busy schedules to address the community at the mosque, also make themselves available for post-event ‘meet and greets’, photo-opportunities, podcasts and the like,” Mr Kheir concluded.

The benefits of these Youth Nights are many.

They offer a platform for young Muslims to engage with their faith in a dynamic and supportive environment, in the aesthetically pleasing surrounds of the mosque.

The wisdom shared by these great speakers can have a lasting impact, guiding the future paths of attendees, whilst the sense of community and belonging fostered at these events is invaluable.

Elders at Lakemba Mosque have noted that these gatherings are reminiscent of the vibrant night-time events they experienced while growing up.

This nostalgic element adds to the richness of the current revival, encouraging stronger engagement between people of different ages and bringing about a deeper sense of unity within the community.

May the wisdom imparted at these events continue to guide and enrich the lives of all who attend them.

Mohamed Hoblos attracted another ‘full house’ at Young Mosque on May 18.

The Sunnah Guy made his first visit to Sydney – and Lakemba Mosque – late last year.