The 18th Anniversary of the Harmony Day Poster competition to NSW students was celebrated in NSW Parliament on Thursday 20 June.

The competition was instigated by the Moving Forward Together Association – the name amplifies the direction, unifying our communities.

This is far more relevant today than when first conceived – seeing the division and hatred generated across our beautiful Australia.

The poster competition this year attracted close to 4000 entries, in addition there were entries for the Song Writing and Short Film competitions as well.

The high quality of the entries are not just posters – but make powerful statements.

It a very uplifting event where 33 of the Winners & Runner Ups will receive their Acknowledgements, having opportunity bring to 3 people along.

There  will be online streaming for those not invited, – they will receive ‘ Certificates of Participation’ as well as– our entries will receive ‘ Certification of Participation’.

Presenters of the Certificates to the students were the two hosts, the Minister of Multiculturalism, the Hon Steve Kamper and the Shadow Miniter, Mark Coure as well as the President of the Australian Refugee Council, Jasmina Baraktarevic, the Mayor of the City of Randwick, Philipa Veitch & the CEO of Multicultural NSW, Joseph LaPosta.

This event proves  that is there are  lots of positives that we can do in Australia.