Labor Senator Fatima Payman has garnered widespread community support for her brave and bold move to cross the floor to vote, held on Tuesday 25 June, in favour of the resolution supporting Palestinian statehood, voting with the cross bench with the Greens and independent senators against the Labor Government and the Liberal Opposition.

A number of Australian Muslim organisation, community leaders and Palestine advocacy groups have released statement of admiration and support for her to speak up against genocide of Palestinians and Israeli war crimes being committed relentlessly against the Gazan population on an ongoing basis.

Senator Payman, supporting Labor Party policy, faced threats of expulsion from her party. She stated, “We cannot believe in a two-state solution and only recognise one.”

Her stand has been widely praised online for showing integrity and courage.

The Australian Muslim Advocacy Network (AMAN) has urged politicians and media, particularly Opposition leader Peter Dutton, to avoid promoting anti-Muslim and anti-Palestinian sentiments following Senator Payman’s landmark vote in Parliament.

AMAN has also cautioned politicians against appearing on Sky News Australia, which has refused to moderate its comment threads despite AMAN’s warnings. The advocacy group stressed that leaders of a multicultural nation like Australia must govern inclusively and that media entities should avoid vilifying people based on race or religion.

The Australia Palestine Advocacy Network (APAN) said that Senator Payman’s action resonates deeply with Australians who uphold values of fairness, justice, and international law.

“We urge all elected representatives to let their consciences lead them and to amplify the community’s call for strong and immediate action to prevent genocide,” said APAN President, Nasser Mashni.

In a statement released on Wednesday 26 June, ANIC stated that “The Australian National Imams Council (ANIC), the Alliance of Australian Muslims (AAM), and the Australian Muslim community welcome the Greens’ motion in the Senate to recognise the State of Palestine. We also strongly support Senator Fatima Payman’s support of the motion.”

“Senator Fatima Payman’s decision to cross the floor to support the motion is courageous and, importantly, consistent with supporting human rights and justice.”

“The Australian Government must take a clear stand against Israel and its aggressions and war crimes, condemn these horrific acts and immediately recognise the State of Palestine.”

President of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC), Dr Rateb Jneid said, “We commend Senator Payman for her bravery and moral leadership. At a time when too many remain silent, her willingness to stand up and be counted sets a powerful example for all members of Parliament.”

Canterbury Bankstown Councillor Khodr Saleh OAM has praised Senator Fatima Payman’s decision to cross the floor in support of Palestinian statehood as “entirely consistent with Labor principles and policy.”

Rank-and-file ALP members overwhelmingly support Palestinian statehood recognition,” Saleh said, citing motions at individual branches and the Victorian Labor conference’s resolution to pursue recognition “within the term of this parliament.”

He also praised Labor Senator Fatima Payman for condemning Israel’s actions, alleging genocide against the Palestinian people in Gaza.

In a public statement released on Wednesday 26 June, Dr Muhammed Afzal Kahloon President Australian Islamic Medical Association commended Labor senator Fatima Payman’s firm stance on Palestinian recognition.

“Approximately 500 healthcare workers have been killed in Gaza since October, and hospitals have been targeted. Critical medical supplies and medications are running out or depleted, for necessary surgeries, maternal health, and more. Starvation is being used as a war tactic.”

“Civilians, majority of whom are women and children, continue to be deliberately targeted and killed.”
“Australian doctors who have recently returned from Gaza give first hand horrific accounts of the inhumane state of health care. Paediatric amputations and other life saving surgeries are being conducted in dire conditions, with minimal or no pain relief.”
“Senator Payman embodies true values of an Australian Muslim in a key leadership role. She displays true moral courage and integrity, through the consistent stance she has taken on Israel’s war on Gaza. We hope the Australian Government takes substantial steps in imposing sanctions against Israel and all other necessary efforts to end these humanitarian crimes.”